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PSY505 - Developmental Psychology

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  • PSY505 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

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  • PSY505 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Scenario Psychosexual Stage (1*5) Justification (3*5) Azhar is a newborn baby. His mother feeds him thrice a day. Gradually she noticed that Azhar is often putting different objects in his mouth. Oral The Oral stage of psychosexual development starts from birth to 12 or 18 months of age. The erogenous zone of the individual is his/her mouth. The baby seeks pleasure through activities which involve the use of oral cavity. For e.g., eating, sucking etc. Zain is being toilet trained by his family. The family noticed that Zain gets pleasure by controlling his bowel and bladder movements. Anal The Anal stage of psychosexual development lasts begins after Oral stage and lasts till 3 years. During this stage, the individual’s erogenous zone is the anal cavity. The baby seeks pleasure through activities involving the anal region. For example, expulsion of feces. Parents of Ahmed noticed that after reaching the age of 8, he is often touching different parts of his body, especially his genitals. He is attached more to his mother as compared to his father. Phallic The phallic stage of psychosexual development lasts from 3-6 years of age. Sexual energy starts to develop in the child and this when Oedipus and Electra complex are developed. A male child would develop castration anxiety while a female child will develop penis envy. Qamar, at age 11, prefers making friends with boys as compared to girls. He would also study different books and focuses more on productive tasks. Latency This stage of psychosexual development lasts from 6 years of age to puberty. The sexual energy at this stage drops down and the child starts mingling with same-sex peers. Ilyas, at the age of 17, seeks to form intimate relationships with girls. He noticed different signs of puberty in himself as well. Genital This stage of psychosexual development lasts from puberty to the adulthood. The child in this stage, develops sexual maturity, sexual energy develops again and he/she also start getting engaged in sexual activity as well.
  • PSY505 Quiz Solution and Discussion

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    Which one of the following statement about cognitive development is INCORRECT in adolescence? PSY505