PSY505 Quiz Solution and Discussion

  1. At which Kohlberg stages of moral reasoning, individuals start to understand that there is a difference between moral and legal right? PSY505
  1. Which one of the following statement about cognitive development is INCORRECT in adolescence? PSY505
  1. Which one is an ability to share the emotions of another person in order to understand his or her needs? PSY505
  1. Which of the following children are much better than proportional children at classifying, working with numbers, dealing with concepts of time and space and distinguishing reality from fantasy? PSY505
  1. The term “adult” came from the ________________ word “adhuls” which means to grow. PSY505
  1. Some psychoanalytic theorists believe that having anorexia nervosa have much common with which of the followings? PSY505
  1. In turner syndrome, the chromosomal configuration is _______. PSY505
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