Project Specifications / System Requirements

Suppose ABC organization has decided to automate process of leave management of its employees. Leaves can be of different types: Short, Half, and Full. Leaves’ description can be: Casual, Earned, Medical, and Extra-ordinary leaves. Employees will have to do registration and create their account.
In order to apply for leave, employees first have to login their account using their login credentials i.e., user name and password. After successful login, they can apply for leave using “Apply Leave” interface. They will select leave type, leave description, leave date and time. The employees will also provide reason of leave. After leave is successfully applied, leave request will be forwarded to the manager and applied leave will either be accepted or rejected. The interface will show total, availed and remaining balance of leaves. Furthermore, the interface of “Leave History” will show details of all applied leaves such as Leave Type, Leave Description, Date, Time, Reason, and Leave Status. Admin will manage employees’ accounts, leave balance, update leave status. Admin will also manage leave history of all employees.

Tasks to Perform

You have to identify following from the above given Project Specification / Requirements:

Identify User Characteristics or type of users. Identify at least Seven Functional Requirements.