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MCM401 - Fundamentals of Public Relations

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  • MCM401 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Q.1 Answer
    (Energy that moves life)
    K-electric always believes to take steps for the safety of people and to control power theft.
    Most of the unfortunate incidents occurred due to faulty wiring, standing water and water logging around power installations. The misuse of electricity poles is also a big reason for weak electrical safety mechanisms. Unwarranted streetlight’s switches, TV and internet cable installed on electric poles are also becoming the reason for electrocution.

    K-electric has initiated following steps:

    Legal proceedings against the unauthorized use of electricity poles by cable TV and Internet providers. A public service message for the safety of people states that “Do not stand near billboards, trees, electricity poles and transformers during rainy and windy weather”. Continues drive against unsafe TV and Internet cables installed on power infrastructure.

    Q.2 Answer
    Marketing research is very important for the success of PR program and campaigns. It helps in understanding thee attitudes or opinions of people to know company current image in the market. According to the situation, the PR program will be made and that’s not possible without marketing research. It is also very important for monitoring and evaluation of the PR campaign. It also helps in connecting with customers and keeping the track of trends which is very important for creating an environment for building good public relations.

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  • MCM401 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

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