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  • Explain please Boolean operators …???

    Solved CS101- Introduction to Computer
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    Boolean operations are widely used in computing, including in Google search and other applications. Boolean logic is a type of algebra that deals with binary variables, and it is used in computing to evaluate logical expressions and make decisions based on their results.

    In Google search, boolean operators are used to refine and filter search results. For example, you can use the “AND” operator to search for pages that contain both keywords that you are looking for, or the “OR” operator to search for pages that contain one of two or more keywords. You can also use the “NOT” operator to exclude certain words from your search results.

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    @cyberian said in how to increase penis size?:

    Weight loss: Losing weight can also help improve sexual health by reducing body fat and improving blood flow.

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    @cyberian said in MTH603 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion:

    Question 1 5 Marks
    Find a root of the equation 𝑥3 − 3𝑥 − 5 = 0, in the interval (2,3) using Bisection Method after three Iterations.
    Note: Accuracy up to four decimal places is required.

    Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.11.17 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.14.44 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.15.21 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.15.36 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.15.48 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.16.07 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.16.21 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.17.18 PM.png Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 7.17.26 PM.png

    Download Source File

    MTH603 - Assignment 1 - Spring 2024 - Nabeela Wali - Solution file.pdf

  • Need CS432 Assignment 3 solution and discussion

    Solved Computer Sciences
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    @omairsoa said in Is "For your information please." correct?:

    ‘For your information please’ being used in official e-mail communication, whenever we sent a mail to the recipient, which is for his info.
    This sentence grammatically correct?
    Is ‘For your information’ the correct phrase to be used?

    ‘Please’ is unusual there in any instance.
    ‘for your information’ is enough, and is grammatical as it stands (as an isolated prepositional phrase).

  • Product Import – ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

    Solved Development Troubleshooting
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    @love-uzair said in Product Import – ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS:

    while product import facing error woocommerce
    Product Import – ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

    Just deactivate all plugin and except woocommerce 100% working!


  • addiction

    Solved Research
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    Teens who experiment with medicines put their health and safety at threat. Help help teen medicine abuse by talking to your teen about the consequences of using medicines and the significance of making healthy choices.
    Why teens use or misuse medicines

    Colorful factors can contribute to teen medicine use and abuse. First- time use frequently occurs in social settings with fluently accessible substances, similar as alcohol and cigarettes.

    Continued use might be a result of precariousness or a desire for social acceptance. Teens may feel imperishable and might not consider the consequences of their conduct, leading them to take dangerous pitfalls with medicines.

    Common threat factors for teen medicine abuse include

    A family history of substance abuse
    A internal or behavioral health condition, similar as depression, anxiety or attention- deficiency/ hyperactivity complaint (ADHD)
    . Impulsive or threat- taking geste
    A history of traumatic events, similar as passing a auto accident or being a victim of abuse
    . Low tone- regard or passions of social rejection

    Consequences of teen medicine abuse

    Negative consequences of teen medicine abuse might include

    Medicine dependence. Teens who misuse medicines are at increased threat of serious medicine use latterly in life.
    Poor judgment. Teenage medicine use is associated with poor judgment in social and particular relations.
    Sexual exertion. Medicine use is associated with high- threat sexual exertion, unsafe coitus and unplanned gestation.
    Mental health diseases. Medicine use can complicate or increase the threat of internal health diseases, similar as depression and anxiety.
    Disabled driving. Driving under the influence of any medicine can vitiate a motorist’s motor chops, putting the motorist, passengers and others on the road at threat.
    Changes in academy performance. Substance use can affect in a decline in academic performance.

    Health goods of medicines

    Medicine use can affect in medicine dependence, serious impairment, illness and death. Health pitfalls of generally used medicines include the following

    Cocaine — Risk of heart attack, stroke and seizures
    . Elatedness — Threat of liver failure and heart failure
    Inhalants — Threat of damage to heart, lungs, liver and feathers from long- term use
    . Marijuana — Threat of impairment in memory, literacy, problem working and attention; threat of psychosis — similar as schizophrenia, daydream or paranoia — latterly in life associated with early and frequent use
    . Methamphetamine — Threat of psychotic actions from long- term use or high boluses
    Opioids — Threat of respiratory torture or death from overdose
    Electronic cigarettes (vaping) — Exposure to dangerous substances analogous to exposure from cigarette smoking; threat of nicotine dependence

    Talking about teen medicine use

    You will probably have multiple exchanges with your teen about medicine and alcohol use. Choose times when you are doubtful to be intruded — and set away phones. It’s also important to know when not to have a discussion, similar as when you are angry with your child, you are not prepared to answer questions, or your child is drunk or high.

    To talk to your teen about medicines

    Ask your teen’s views. Avoid lectures. Rather, hear to your teen’s opinions and questions about medicines. Assure your teen that he or she can be honest with you.
    Bandy reasons not to use medicines. Avoid dread tactics. Emphasize how medicine use can affect the effects that are important to your teen — similar as sports, driving, health and appearance.
    Consider media dispatches. Social media, TV programs, pictures and songs can romanticize or trivialize medicine use. Talk about what your teen sees and hears.
    Bandy ways to repel peer pressure. Communicate with your teen about how to turn down offers of medicines.
    Be ready to bandy your own medicine use. Suppose about how you will respond if your teen asks about your own medicineuse.However, explain why, If you chose not to usedrugs.However, partake what the experience tutored you, If you did use medicines.

    Other preventative strategies

    Consider other strategies to help teen medicine abuse

    Know your teen’s conditioning. Pay attention to your teen’s whereabouts. Find out what adult-supervised conditioning your teen is interested in and encourage him or her to get involved.
    Establish rules and consequences. Explain your family rules, similar as leaving a party where medicine use occurs and not riding in a auto with a motorist who is been usingdrugs.However, constantly apply consequences, If your teen breaks the rules.
    Know your teen’sfriends.However, your teen might feel pressure to experiment, too, If your teen’s musketeers use medicines.
    Keep track of tradition medicines. Take an force of all tradition and over-the-counter specifics in your home.
    Give support. Offer praise and stimulant when your teen succeeds. A strong bond between you and your teen might help help your teen from using medicines.
    Set a goodexample.However, do so in temperance, If you drink. Use tradition medicines as directed. Do not use lawless medicines.

    Feting the warning signs of teen medicine abuse

    Be apprehensive of possible red flags, similar as
    Unforeseen or extreme change in musketeers, eating habits, sleeping patterns, physical appearance, collaboration or academy performance
    . Reckless geste, poor judgment and general lack of interest
    . Breaking rules or withdrawing from the family
    The presence of drug holders, despite a lack of illness, or medicine paraphernalia in your teen’s room
    Seeking help for teen medicine abuse

    If you suspect or know that your teen is experimenting with or misusing medicines

    Talk to him or her. You can noway intermediate too early. Casual medicine use can turn into inordinate use or dependence and beget accidents, legal trouble and health problems.
    Encourage honesty. Speak calmly and express that you’re coming from a place of concern. Share specific details to back up your dubitation. Corroborate any claims he or she makes.
    Focus on the geste, not the person. Emphasize that medicine use is dangerous but that does not mean your teen is a bad person.
    Check in regularly. Spend further time with your teen, know your teen’s whereabouts, and ask questions after he or she returns home.
    Get professionalhelp.However, communicate a croaker, counselor or other health care provider for help, If you suppose your teen is involved in significant medicine use.

    It’s noway too soon to start talking to your teen about medicine abuse. The exchanges you have moment can help your teen make healthy choices in the future.

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    You got this error because the domain is not yet pointing to hosting server. you have need to ask hosting provider directly added domain as addon domain in account “account name” from hosting end. You may need to re-log in the account to see the domain.

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    // CS201 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2021 #include <iostream> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; int ShowMatrix() { //main matrix int row=2, column=2; int matrix[2][2] = { {8, -4} , {-6, 2} }; cout<<"The matrix is:"<<endl; for(int i=0; i<row; ++i) { for(int j=0; j<column; ++j) cout<<matrix[i][j]<<" "; cout<<endl; } } //Transpose int showTranspose ( ) { int transpose[2][2], row=2, column=2, i, j; int matrix[2][2] = { {8, -4} , {-6, 2} }; cout<<endl; for(i=0; i<row; ++i) for(j=0; j<column; ++j) { transpose[j][i] = matrix[i][j]; } cout<<"The transpose of the matrix is:"<<endl; for(i=0; i<column; ++i) { for(j=0; j<row; ++j) cout<<transpose[i][j]<<" "; cout<<endl; } } //determenent calculating int calculateDeterminant() { int determMatrix[2][2], determinant; int matrix[2][2] = { {8, -4} , {-6, 2} }; determinant = ((matrix[0][0] * matrix[1][1]) - (matrix[0][1] * matrix[1][0])); cout << "\nThe Determinant of 2 * 2 Matrix = " << determinant; } //Adjoint of matrix int showAdjoint() { int ch,A2[2][2] = {{8,-4},{-6,2}},AD2[2][2],C2[2][2]; //Calculating co-factors of matrix of order 2x2 C2[0][0]=A2[1][1]; C2[0][1]=-A2[1][0]; C2[1][0]=-A2[0][1]; C2[1][1]=A2[0][0]; //calculating ad-joint of matrix of order 2x2 AD2[0][0]=C2[0][0]; AD2[0][1]=C2[1][0]; AD2[1][0]=C2[0][1]; AD2[1][1]=C2[1][1]; cout<<"\n\nAdjoint of A is :- \n\n"; cout<<"|\t"<<AD2[0][0]<<"\t"<<AD2[0][1]<<"\t|\n|\t"<<AD2[1][0]<<"\t"<<AD2[1][1]<<"\t|\n"; } int main() { int cho = 0; cout<<" ||---Enter your choice---||"<<endl; cout<<""<<endl; cout<<"---Press 1 to display the matrix and its transpose---"<<endl; cout<<"---Press 2 to find adjoint and determinant of the matrix---"<<endl; cout<<""<<endl; cout<<"Press any other key to exit."; cout<<""<<endl; cin>>cho; if (cho ==1) { ShowMatrix(); showTranspose ( ); } else if (cho == 2) { showAdjoint(); calculateDeterminant(); } else system("pause"); }
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    Program:- #include<stdio.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main() { int gd,gm,n,*x,i,k=0; //window coordinates int wx1=220,wy1=140,wx2=420,wy2=140,wx3=420,wy3=340,wx4=220,wy4=340; int w[]={220,140,420,140,420,340,220,340,220,140};//array for drawing window detectgraph(&gd,&gm); initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\\turboc3\\bgi"); //initializing graphics printf("Window:-"); setcolor(RED); //red colored window drawpoly(5,w); //window drawn printf("Enter the no. of vertices of polygon: "); scanf("%d",&n); x = malloc(n*2+1); printf("Enter the coordinates of points:\n"); k=0; for(i=0;i<n*2;i+=2) //reading vertices of polygon { printf("(x%d,y%d): ",k,k); scanf("%d,%d",&x[i],&x[i+1]); k++; } x[n*2]=x[0]; //assigning the coordinates of first vertex to last additional vertex for drawpoly method. x[n*2+1]=x[1]; setcolor(WHITE); drawpoly(n+1,x); printf("\nPress a button to clip a polygon.."); getch(); setcolor(RED); drawpoly(5,w); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,BLACK); floodfill(2,2,RED); gotoxy(1,1); //bringing cursor at starting position printf("\nThis is the clipped polygon.."); getch(); cleardevice(); closegraph(); return 0; }
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    @zaasmi said in CS301 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion:

    From Stack and Queue data structures which data structure you will suggest using for entry to exit path finding module? Select a data structure and give comments in favour to justify your selection. Also mention why you are not selecting the other data structure?

    I Would suggest Stack data structure over Queue. This is because in solving a maze problem, we need to explore all possible paths. Along with that, we also need to track the paths visited.
    If we were to use Queue, then after finding an unsuccessful path, we’ll have to start again from the entry point as queue only supports deletion from the front (FIFO property). This would not be useful in our case, as we need to trace back the unsuccessful path until we find another way.
    Using Stack, what we can do is, while moving into the maze, we can push the index of the last visited cell and when reached the end of the maze(not exit-point), just keep popping elements from the stack until the cell at stack Top has another way to move.
    Using this approach (particularly stack), you can find the correct path in the shortest possible time.

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    @rabia-rabi said in Clear the Web Browser Cache:

    How to Clear the Web Browser Cache

    Delete the browser cache with a shortcut. Press the keys [Ctrl], [Shift] and [Del]. … A new window opens: “Clear Browser cache”. Here you can select in the upper dropdown-menu , for which time period you want to delete the cache data. … If you want to delete all cache date , select “all”.
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    Asmara ButtA


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    @wafa-sehar said in How do you fix “runtimeError: package fails to pass a sanity check” for numpy and pandas?:

    can anyone guide me please.

    RuntimeError: The current Numpy installation ('...\\venv\\lib\\site-packages\\numpy\\') fails to pass a sanity check due to a bug in the windows runtime.

    We have also tried multiple versions of Python (3.8.6 and 3.9.0) and numpy and pandas. I am currently using PyCharm to do all this.

    This error occurs when using python3.9 and numpy1.19.4 So uninstalling numpy1.19.4 and installing 1.19.3 will work.

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    line1 line2 line3 line4 line5 line6 line7 line8 line9 line10 line11 line12 line13


    from itertools import islice with open('data.txt') as f: for line in islice(f, 3, None, 3): print line, # Python3: print(line, end='')


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