FXAA is the most interesting group of anti-aliasing techniques, these algorithms perform their duties during scene post-processing, after the rendering process. They are all shader-based and cause little to no performance drop, which is their most important advantage. Image quality can vary from one algorithm to another. For example, FXAA is known to make the image look a bit blurry, obviously to the chagrine of some players. Another commonly used technique is SMAA, which usually provides better quality than FXAA while getting around, or at least reducing, the blur effect. Game developers tend to implement their own post-process anti-aliasing algorithms as well. Some of the notable examples are CMAA in Grid: Autosport, AAA (heavily modified FXAA to eliminate blurring) in Metro: Last Light, and T-AA in Rainbow Six: Siege. There are also “injectors” that enable these techniques in games that don’t support post-process anti-aliasing natively.