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PSY512 - Gender Issues in Psychology

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    Q. 1
    Explain four forms of feminism (i.e. Liberal Feminism, Radical Feminism, Socialist
    Feminism and Cultural Feminism) with the help of examples.

    Q.1 Solution:
    There are four main forms of feminism; Liberal feminism, Radical Feminism, socialist feminism and cultural feminism.
    Liberal feminism
    Liberal feminism defined the female’s role same as male. It considered that all the rights which male have should be owned by the female as well. There should not be any difference in any kind of rights and privileges on the basis of gender. Th example could be providing the equal rights to women like in the witness, two females are equal to one male this should be equated according to liberal philosophy.
    Radical feminism
    This form asserts that the cultural notion of the gender should be not be part of the society. It is assumed that men are oppressors and women are oppressed in the society according to the current practices. This is kind of oppression which is followed by the different racial and social class. So, in this way such cultural notions practiced in the society should be eliminated and women would have same freedom and empowerment as men. For example, taking stand against
    social norms like Malala took stand and go for education against the norms of her culture, and she worked for her empowerment.
    Socialist feminism
    The socialist feminism have the idea that rather than enjoying the individual freedom and rights and seeking for liberal rights separately, women and men should go together in persuasion of rights. This refers to the mutual respect and valuing the rights of each other and with mutual acceptance of those rights makes both genders enjoying their rights in the society. It is kind of equality but with togetherness. For example, in west, male and female share both responsibilities financial as well as house chores. Females tend to work outside their homes and males take part in house chores as well.
    Cultural feminism
    In this form of feminism it is important to have social change in the society. It is essential for the society to set and follow the all the traditional values which have determined by the society. It says that feminist values in the society are right and females should follow the social roles and social norms set for the women. These values and traditions are considered as superior in the society. It includes the examples where females submit to the decisions of their parents and elders according to the socially set norms like agreeing for arrange marriage quietly and remain shy and acceptable to parents’ decision, made her more respectable and good in the sight of society and family.

    Question 2.
    Analyze Asian culture and highlight at least two forms of feminism that are prevailing in our society now a days. Justify your stance with the help of example.

    Feminism is practiced differently even within the Asia. There are many differences in the cultural and feminist practices in the different cultures and regions of Asia it has found broadly that there are two form of feminism which prevails in the Asian culture, first is socialist feminism in which all the developed countries include. As part of this form of feminism, male and female together decide the roles in the society and almost equal rights are provided in their certain roles provided or decided by the society. Their own consent is part of the division of their roles. Such societies have the examples where females take part in the society as working women and share the house chores as well. In the same way power and rights are also shared by both genders.
    The second most prevalent form of feminism in Asia is, cultural feminism in which women just follow the roles and values of the society which has determined by the culture of that particular region. Many examples could be found in the developing countries where women are not empowered, their literacy rate is lower than men and they do not go to work. They just do the house chores and rare children while following the similar social norms and values. According to this form women can better enjoy their rights by following the social norms as it gives them acceptance from the society and made them valuable in their culture.

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