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MCM517 - Online Journalism

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    Sol Idea: Assignment No.1 MCM-517
    Q.1 Answer
    It is a fact that floating ads captures audience attention, advertisers can use eye catching imagery or visually engaging graphics and content for higher click through rates. This kind of advertisement have proven to increase the brand exposure. They can be seen by large number of people. Advertiser can also reach or target the specific audience for whom the ad has been positioned. They have proven to be more memorable and also have tracking capabilities.
    But there are also drawbacks of this kind of online advertisement: as you may have also experienced that while watching a drama/movie/political talk show, we get irritated by the floating ads which requires minimum 5 seconds for skipping. The other drawback is that user can add ad blocking tools in their web browser to stop seeing the ads. But this kind of online advertisement have proven to increase the brand awareness and also the sales.
    Q.2 Answer
    Online journalist has to be very careful in gathering the information from sources. There are many problems that online journalist has to face in gathering and reporting the information like unreliable sources, inaccurate information, manipulation of data, fairness and balance etc. It has been seen that online reporters take less time to check their stories. They struggle with credibility and also objective reporting. Online journalist has to be more careful than journalist working in print and electronic media because of above mentioned problems.
    Online journalist should not report the news story in a hurry just to get higher clicks and more traffic to their respective organization’s websites. The other big challenge is the role of gatekeepers; in online medium the role of responsible media professionals has become more important as it is disappearing day by day in online medium. The information is not filtered before it comes to public which has very bad effects on society.

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