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PSY401 - Clinical Psychology

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    Assignment Solution:

    Scenario No. Identification of sub category of ethical standard (2) Justification (3) 1 HUMAN RELATIONS Conflict of Interest In the given scenario, therapist should not exceed the length of therapy session for his own financial interest. It is about to impair the competence of a profession (Psychologist). 2 HUMAN RELATIONS Unfair Discrimination In the given scenario, psychologists should not engage in unfair discrimination based on gender, age, ethnic group, socio economic class and etc. 3 HUMAN RELATIONS Harassment In the given scenario, therapist should not physically harass the client as it the violation of ethical standard. 4 PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY Use of Confidential Information for Educational or Other Purposes In the given scenario, psychologist should not use the confidential information of the raped clients without taking prior permission to them.