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CS611 - Software Quality Engineering

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    Wade WildW

    Solution Ideas Please!

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    @zaasmi said in CS611 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion:

    Question - II: Marks: 10
    Continuing the above scenario why is defect-free software important and writes any five steps by which you ensure that your software becomes defects-free.

    Defect-free software is important because

    Delivering defect-free software reduces support costs. Delivering defect-free software reduces programming costs. Delivering defect-free software reduces development time. Delivering defect-free software can provide a competitive advantage

    To ensure that my software is defect-free, I will follow the following steps.

    Will ensure that my collected requirements are accurate and complete Will Trace Every Line of Code When Written Will get time-to-time feedback from client Will perform testing by completing each module Will do proper communication with team members to avoid bugs in software
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    @Azhar-Shokat said in CS 611 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion:

    Question-I Marks: 05
    Online food ordering system is a web-based application. By using this application the registered user can access the account with valid credentials. User can choose the food items according to categories, place order and online payment options are available to user. User can track their orders with the food details. Keep this scenario in your mind and answer the following questions.

    Identify functional requirements of user, instead of registration and login from given scenario.


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    @zareen said in CS611 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion:

    Name the goals which we try to achieve in requirement management?

    q Requirements engineering is comprised of two major tasks: … or achieve an objective and that must be met or possessed by a … requirement? • For example, does a requirement to list names in … Constraints are I/O device capability, system representations, etc. … Developers try to tell us how to do our jobs. Users want …link text

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