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    Assignment No. 01

    Semester: Fall 2019

    CS611 – Software Quality Engineering Total Marks: 20

    Due Date:


    Assignment Objective:
    • To know about importance of software requirements
    To know about Cost vs Quality

    • Uploading instructions:
    • Your assignment must be in .doc or .docx format (Any other formats like scan images, PDF, bmp, etc will not be accepted).
    • Save your assignment with your ID (e.g. bc020200786.doc).
    • No assignment will be accepted through email.

    Rules for Marking:

    It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
    • The assignment is submitted after due date.
    • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupted.
    • Your assignment is copied from internet, or from any other student
    (Strict disciplinary action will be taken in this case).


    Question-I Marks: 10

    1. Suppose a software developer has to design a small software for Library management system, but the requirements of the application are incomplete. Keeping this situation in your mind, answer the following questions:
    2. Is it possible to develop a software with incomplete requirements? Justify you answer.
    3. Does the incomplete requirement affect the quality of the application?

    Question - II: Marks: 5

    Cost and quality are the two main components of software development. If you have to compromise any one then which component you will compromise, and why?

    Question - III: Marks: 5

    During application development, you have to keep in mind that your application User interface is user-friendly. How should you make your application user friendly? Justify your answer.

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