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MCM101 - Introduction to Mass Communication

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    The use of combination (verbal & nonverbal) communication transferred a written piece into a visual communication which leaves strong impact on the mind of audience. The style and the frame work within which TV programs are presented on screens good-looking and attractive popular celebrities tailoring programs to suitable lengths, images and build opinion regarding socio political issues. Tailored words give emphasis with the help of framed visuals of media products. Tailored words give emphasis with the help of framed visuals of media products.

    You may select any program episode of the leading news channel “Dunyia” of Hasb-e-haal, and Mazaq Raat.)

    Select anyone episode of infotainment program which was broadcasted on leading news channel “Dunyia”. Like “Mazaq Raat” broadcasted on 8/Oct/19 and Hasb-e-Haal 3/Nov/19. Required to observe and analyze the content of both programs. Required to make a comparison in between both programs;
    a. Among its selection of guests and in Hasb-e-haal azizi (famous character) as a “Mocker” and in “Mazaq Raat” guest selection.
    b. Agenda of script to discuss which type of questions will be asked by the host and other program characters.
    c. Required to make a difference among program segments in both programs.
    d. Required to discuss music and parody style in both programs. Criticism in these programs on sociopolitical and economic issues in a humorous and satirizing way. Discuss the agenda of both programs. Celebrity (singer, politicians, social workers or actors) discuss his
    success and failures and struggle in their relevant field. Communication skills of host and other program characters.
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