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    A health care system is a software that delivers health care services to improve the quality of life of its users. Requirements gathering for the health care system are very challenging due to the nature of the software. We can elicit requirements either by traditional Requirement Engineering (RE) or Goal Oriented Requirement Engineering (GORE) approach.

    Keeping in view, the strengths and weaknesses of both the approaches you have to suggest which approach (RE or GORE) is better for requirement gathering for health system and also mention valid reasons.

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    I derived certain attributes that each RE approach has in common.
    Firstly, a RE approach consists of a certain analysis technique.
    Secondly, it uses a special notation to make it standardized and applicable for each analyst.
    Thirdly, it follows a fundamental principle to achieve a certain goal.
    Fourthly, there exists not only advantages but also disadvantages, making a RE methodology more or less appropriate for a modeling scenario.

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