CS614 Quiz No. 2 Solution and Discussion

Implementation of a data warehouse requires ________ activities

  • Highly integrated
  • Loosely integrated
  • Tightly decoupled
  • None of the given

A ______ index, if fits in the memory, costs only one disk I/O access to locate a record given a key.

Mining multi dimensional databases allow users to:

  • Categorize the data

  • Analyze the data (Answer)

  • Summarize the data

  • All of the given options

In context of data parallelism, to get a speed-up of N with N partitions, it must be ensured that:

  • There are enough computing resources

  • Query-coordinator is very fast as compared to query servers

  • Work done in each partition almost same

  • All of the given options


  • NULL value to make the leaf terminal node

  • Every indexed data value and a corresponding ROWID

  • Every indexed data value and pointer to next level block

  • Every indexed data value and pointer to root block

In B-tree index, the lowest level index blocks are called leaf blocks, and these blocks contain:0fb75827-b031-4cbe-9386-136e7c0fd395-image.png

Prototype (Correct)

In ______ phase of a fundamental data warehouse life cycle model, a working model of data warehouse is deployed for a selective set of users

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