1_ As per Bill Inmost, a data warehouse, in contrast with classical applications is: Data driven _ pg285 2_ Which of the following is NOT one of the three parallel tracks in Kimball’s approach? Lifecycle Maintenance track 3_ Bill Inmon argues that requirements are well understood only after Data warehouse is populated _ pg285 4_ Goal driven approach of data warehouse development was result of ______ work Böhnlein and Ulbrich-vom _ pg285 5_ Identify the TRUE statement: Clustering is unsupervised learning and classification is supervised learning _ pg 270 6_ Normally the term “DWH face to the business user” refers to: Lifecycle Analytical Applications track _ pg 306 7_ In ________learning you don’t know the number of clusters and no idea about their attributes. Unsupervised learning https://www.cs.uic.edu/~liub/teach/cs583-fall-05/CS583-unsupervised-learning.ppt 8_ Waterfall model is appropriate when Requirements are clearly defined _ pg 284 9_ Implementation of a data warehouse requires ________ activities. none of above 10_ Normally the input data structure (a database table) for a data mining algorithm: Has more number of records than attributes (not sure)