Sample Solution:
Different steps have followed while preparing advertisements. Keeping in view the strategies and steps you are required to design one advertisement campaign of any Clothing Brand and In this regard, you have to answer the following mentioned questions/steps.
Female clothing Brand title “In Style Clothing” It is ready to wear cloths especially for the working women.
Its main objective is to facilitate the working women and also to retain the goodwill
Provided content and information must be well researched and have novelty in it.
Target Audience:
Working women
Media Selection:
Fashion films on brands outlets and social media campaigning.
Setting the Budget
It must be highly budgeted.
Designing and Creating the Ad
In this part of question the creativity of the advertisement will be judged.
Place and Time of Ad
It also depends when the advertisement will get the more attention and audience.
In this portion provide all that steps and details which involve in the accomplishment of this ad.