Q. 1 Solution Role of teacher in Discovery Based Learning: In discovery based learning teacher gives the problem to the students for their solutions. The teacher himself acts as a guide for providing the support to the students’ needs. The teacher do not provide the correct answer but he/she provide the opportunities for discovery and learning Teacher is the facilitator of learning in discovery base settings. The teacher spends most of the time in observing the students for assessment purpose. Q. 2 Solution: For example while teaching the concept of Independence Day. Teacher can play a short documentary video for the students. After playing the video teacher can show the pictures of our national heroes to the students. In this way the students will be able to remember most of the content for a long time. Also it will be more interesting. Q. 3 Solution: The students can attempt this question according to their selected topic and grade level. The above mentioned answers give a glimpse or idea that how can you attempt these questions. You can add the content according to your choice. Only the copy pasted content is not accepted.