Q. 1 Answer:

Scenario Type of Anxiety (1*3) Justification (4*3) Ijaz lost his way when he was crossing a Desert. While finding the right direction, a snake showed in front of him. Ijaz got scared and started running in an opposite direction. Realistic Anxiety This type of anxiety occurs when the threat or danger present is real. The person may have a difficulty handling the situation that generates the anxiety. For e.g., facing a bear in a jungle. Amir wants to talk to his parents about letting him buy a new mobile phone. However, he is never able to talk to them because he is afraid that his parents might get angry. Neurotic Anxiety In this type of anxiety, the Id is likely to show up in the conscious and ego would not longer be able to control it. The individual realizes that once Id is on the surface, social rejection is the result. Shahid delivers food from the restaurant to the home. One day when he was very hungry, he wanted to eat some of the food, which he was delivering. However, he did not as he knew that it is morally wrong. Moral Anxiety In this type of anxiety, when the threat of being punished is present, the individual faces anxiety. The Id of the individual is expressing itself fully while the superego expresses shame or guilt.

Q2. Describe any two techniques of Psychoanalysis proposed by Freud. (2.5+2.5) Student may describe any two of the following.

1. Free Association:
The purpose of free association is to simply collect all the accounts of the client. The client is asked to lie on the couch and the therapist sits behind. The client is asked to speak without censoring anything uninterruptedly. Through this, the thoughts of the unconscious slips in to the conscious.
2. Dream Analysis:
Dreams have been heavily emphasized in psychoanalysis. Freud viewed that dreams are representations of the Id impulses. A therapist interprets the dream by relating it to various unconscious desires and wishes.
3. Transference:
Transference is of two types: positive and negative. Positive transference is when the client relates positively to any positive person in his/her life (therapist, friend). While negative is when the therapists starts relating to the client.
4. Freudian Slip:
Freudian slip is a concept in which the individual wanted to say something but says something else. Freud suggested that these slips are the actual truth that people hold inside themselves. These truths are in the unconscious but slip sometimes in the conscious and are delivered.
5. Humor:
Freud has heavily emphasized on sex and death in his theory. He has related Humor to these two factors as well. Humor is an essential part of your psyche and one cannot understand psyche without realizing the humor the person relates to the most.