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ENG201 - Business and Technical English Writing

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  • ENG201 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Q. 1 Solution

    Dear David,
    Further to our conservation today, I am attaching the plan for the first stage of the project. Hope the one weak deadline is okay with you and your team.
    a. Clarity
    b. Courtesy
    c. Coherent
    d. Correctness

    I wanted to write you a quick note about the report you finished last week. I gave it to Michelle to proof, and she wanted to make sure you knew about the department meeting we’re having this Friday. We’ll be creating an outline for the new employee handbook.
    a. Conciseness
    b. Courtesy
    c. Coherent
    d. Clarity

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to send you all a reminder about the meeting we’re having tomorrow!
    See you then,
    a. Coherent
    b. Correctness
    c. Courtesy
    d. Completeness

    Hi Suzanne
    I think we need to talk about the CSR campaign, I mean the one which we need to do as a quarterly exercise. I think it is a great way of enhancing our brand image. Basically, it would just be a visit to an orphanage but we can sort of do other things too. For instance, we could take the kids out for a short trip to a nearby park or zoo. Let us sit and talk tomorrow.
    a. Conciseness
    b. Concreteness
    c. Completeness
    d. Correctness

    Dear James,
    I would like to talk to you about the new client’s project which the engineering team had discussed yesterday. I might need the help of John from your team.
    a. Correctness
    b. Concreteness
    c. Completeness
    d. Clarity

    Q. 2 Solution

    26 November, 2019

    Muhammad Addam
    Area Manager (Sales)
    17-F, Block F Model Town, Lahore, Punjab

    Ahmad Ali
    Branch Manager
    Alfateh Super Store
    Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore

    Dear Mr. Ahmad Ali,
    I am pleased to inform you that our company has launched a new range of product in ready to cook category (Chicken Donut and Crispy Popers). We keep our diverse customers’ interests and tastes in view before introducing any new product. Therefore, a considerable research has been conducted in order to come up with a product that is equally liked by kids and adults.
    We have the largest integrated operation in the country with reference to poultry growing, having own hatcheries, own breeder farming and broiler farming and own feed mills and finally state of the art modern poultry processing and further processing plant with the best equipment of the Europe, UAS, Japan. We are using the best ingredient of the world renowned companies like Newlyweds from Ireland and Kerry from USA for our further processing products.
    We have developed and implemented the system at each step, further we are audited for worldwide acceptable food quality, safety and Halal management systems like HACCP, ISO 9001-2015, FSSC 22000 and HALAL. So we can guarantee that our chicken and chicken products are healthy and safe for use.
    Our chickens are prepared using cutting edge and innovative meat preparation and production equipment. We add world class ingredients, including premium spices to our premium choice meats for the preparation of mouth-watering, high quality ready to cook and fully cooked products. All our products are free from any preservatives and are frozen individually using individual quick freezing technology as per world class standards. These products are then weighed, packed and boxed using automated equipment and then they are stored in chillers at -20°C to keep them fresh. We are highly concerned about the quality of our product and we never compromise on hygiene.
    The chicken donut and crispy popers are very economical for your customers. Our product is very affordable in price as compared to other brands. Initially, we can give it to you at a reduced rate. We can tailor the packaging and flavors as per your desire after receiving your feedback and provide you with the samples too.
    We can arrange a meeting or discuss this further over the phone. I will be waiting for your positive response.

    Best Regards.
    Muhammad Addam

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  • ENG201 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Absolute communication: is the segregation to communicate with everyone that has the same freedom as you. Some Like in all social media platform eg: Facebook, Whats app, Skype, Instagram and others we can communicate with everyone this is absolute communication. Absolute isolation: is the segregation from all of civilization being along with just yourself. Isolation would make people think about themselves and meaning of their life. Person could experience allocations because of loneliness.