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CS504 - Software Engineering - I

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    @zareen said in CS504 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion Spring 2020:

    Question No 1:
    Functional Requirements:

    Buyers can request a catalogue of the Air Conditioners stock. Sellers can post information/details about their Air Conditioners online AIR Wave will notify successful tenders Online registration is required for both sellers and buyers. The interfaces should be customizable so that a wide variety of users could use the
    system effectively.


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    Solution:1 847702ca-b2f8-47e1-bc50-67e732da2334-image.png

    Solution:2 ffc7a7af-70d3-453d-9f0b-a5de6696e77d-image.png

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    In my honest opinion, the characteristics that will be more focused and preferred will be the Usability. To better explain it, think Usability as a nurse to a doctor which needs protection against a deadly virus and will also act as masks and gloves that are wore by conventional doctors. Similarly, as gloves, masks and nurses help doctor to function more effectively, usability will work in a similar fashion. Cost is not that much of a problem in this field, and the reliability is automatically increased as this diagnosis process is more improvable.

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    Q. 1 Answer:

    Group client/server model

    The most suitable architecture model for this application is groupware client/server model. Because groupware server model is providing a set of application that enable communication among clients using text and images.

    Groupware are server based systems that support groups of people engaged in a common task and that provide an interface to a shared environment.

    Groupware client/server model is that which supports multiple users working on related tasks in local and remote networks. Group server is evolving concept that is more than just multiuser software which allows access to the same data.

    Groupware uses email, structured messages, agents , workflow, computer conferencing agents, file sharing systems among others. Groupware also makes problem-solving easier beacuse anyone in the team can make contributions.

    By analyzing the above mentioned system features and various system models we can choose groupware based system model. Because groupware server models work like team group. In the above case a company wants to develop an image scanner and editor applications for their office work. Office work like a team work.

    Ideas 2 Answer:

    Reading the above scenario, we can choose partitioning architecture technique. Because partitioning technique is a best suitable technique for distributing the responsibilities to different subsystems which will help in maintaining the software system.

    Partitioning can improve scalability, reduce contention, and optimize performance. It can also provide a mechanism for dividing data by usage pattern. For example, you can archive older data in cheaper data storage.

    Partitioning of architecture is an important concept. What we basically want to do is distribute the responsibilities to different subsystems so that we get a software system which is easy to maintain. Partitioning results in a system that suffers from fewer side effects. This ultimately means that we get a system that is easier to test and extend and hence is easier to maintain. A partition that divides a ship or plane into compartments.

    Screen. Partition consisting of a decorative frame or panel that serves to divide a space.

    Wall. An architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure. Therefore, we can use the partitioning technique in the above Scenario. It is easy to use and maintain the system.

    Q. 2 Answer Idea

    class rightangletriangle{ constant int e = 3; // number of edges of the shape private: int a; // Length of Triangle height int b; // Length of triangle base public: float function1(){ // Method to calculate triangle area float z= (a*b)/2; // Formula for area calculation return z; } void function2(int x){ // method to set value for triangle height a = x; } void function3(int y){ // method to set value for triangle base b = x; } } ; Solution: Class TriangleRightAngle { constant int TOTAL_EDGES = ; private: int heightLengthMaximum; int baseLengthMaximum; public: float triangle AreaCalculate() { float wholeArea = (a*b)/2; return wholeArea; } void heightSetTriangle (int providedUserHeight){ heightLengthMaximum = providedUserheight; } void heightSetTriangle (int providedUserHeight){ baseLengthMaximum = providedUserbase; } };
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