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    Now a days, Chinese authorities are planning to establish strategies for disaster management to counter incidents like coronavirus in the future. They are allocating a massive budget to build automated and semi-automated robotic machines for their hospitals, which can be used by the medical staff to treat the patients with minimum exposure to the fast-spreading viruses. These robots can be programmed to work in the real-time environment for treating the patients carrying deadly viruses. Semi-automated robotic machines can be controlled from the control room by the medical staff. Some high quality software engineering is required to realize these machines so that these can used in the real environment with high precision of control.

    Being a software engineer, you are asked to develop a well-engineered software for these machines. If there is a conflict between certain characteristics like Usability, Reliability and Cost of the software; which characteristic will you more prefer for this kind of software? Justify your choice within 4-5 lines with solid reason.

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    In my honest opinion, the characteristics that will be more focused and preferred will be the Usability. To better explain it, think Usability as a nurse to a doctor which needs protection against a deadly virus and will also act as masks and gloves that are wore by conventional doctors. Similarly, as gloves, masks and nurses help doctor to function more effectively, usability will work in a similar fashion. Cost is not that much of a problem in this field, and the reliability is automatically increased as this diagnosis process is more improvable.

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