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    Dear students!

    All the students are informed that they will post their comments on GDB link. Comments for GDB sent via email or posted on regular MDB will not be accepted.

    Graded GDB for Pak301 will be opened on January 13, 2020 and will remain open till January 14, 2020. The topic of

    How Pakistan can play an effective role in recent Iran-US conflict?

    Post your comments after inferring the above topic. Your comments should NOT exceed from 100 to 120 words.

    Read the instructions carefully before sending your comments:

    1. Graded GDB carries 2 % weightage.

    2. Your comments should be relevant to the topic, i.e. clear and concise.

    3. Post your comments on the GDB, not on the Regular MDB. Both will run in parallel during the time specified above.

    4. Do not copy the comments of other students, as no marks will be awarded for Plagiarism.

    5. Do not copy from the internet or any other website, and try to create in your own words.

    6. Comments sent via e-mail or posted on regular MDB will not be graded.

    7. Don’t send your comments twice.

  • Cyberian's Gold

  • Cyberian's Gold

    We know that in this situation Pakistan can play effective role between Iran & united states War by performing a mediator role among the Islamic states , Iran and Saudi Arabia .Engaging the peace talk between these two countries to deescalate further conflict between two countries and bring peace in region of middle east ,Furthermore Pakistan can approach UN and try to negotiate through a bigger platform.

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