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    Assignment 01 COMI619-Internship Report Semester FALL 2019
    Due date: 10 January, 2020
    Submission of Internship Completion Certificate
    Internship Completion Certificate (ICC) is a certificate issued, duly signed and stamped by the organization’s authority; stating that you have completed your internship in their organization.
    It must include following information:
     It must be on original letter head of the organization
     The issuance date of the letter must be mentioned
     Your joining and completion dates of internship in the organization  Signature and stamp of the authorized person
     Name and designation of the person issuing the letter
    You are required to
    Note for Local Students: A local student is required to bring original ICC at the time of final Presentation and Viva Voce (P&VV). Any student who fails to bring hard copy of original ICC will be considered absent and will not be allowed to appear in Presentation and Viva Voce.
    Note for Overseas Students: An overseas student is required to ensure that his/her employer/authorized person sends colored scan copy of his/her “Internship Completion Certificate” within due date directly to the Course Instructor at [email protected] from his/her (employer/authorized person) official e-mail account.
    Note for Jobholder Students Seeking Internship: Such students are required to upload colored scan copy of their “Job Leaving Certificate (JLC)” on VU-LMS against this assignment along with colored scan copy of their ICC.
    Best of Luck 
    upload colored scan copy of your Original Internship
    Completion Certificate (ICC) within due date of Assignment (10th November,
    For further guidance and information, you may send your queries via MDB, e- mail at: [email protected]
    Telephone call at: 92-42-99201505 Ext: 8826

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