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    Review Article

    Research Methods in Biotechnology

    Due Date: Friday, 1st Jan, 2020.

    • As part of your course grading, you are required to submit a review article during this semester.

    • This exercise is meant for to inculcate research temperament and skills by carrying out a deep study of given research topic/area relevant to this course and to find different online sources of data retrieval.
    • Write a review article on the following topic.

    Assignment Topic:

    Uses of RNA extraction and quantitative real time PCR (qRT-PCR) in modern biotechnology and medical sciences

    Extraction of RNA, and qRT-PCR are the basic methods used in molecular biology. These biomolecules can be isolated from any biological material for subsequent downstream processes, analytical, or preparative purposes. In the past, the process of extraction and purification of nucleic acids used to be complicated, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and limited in terms of overall throughput. Currently, there are many specialized methods that can be used to extract pure biomolecules, such as solution-based and column-based protocols. Manual method has certainly come a long way over time with various commercial offerings which included complete kits containing most of the components needed to isolate nucleic acid, but most of them require repeated centrifugation steps, followed by removal of supernatants depending on the type of specimen and additional mechanical treatment. Automated systems designed for medium-to-large laboratories have grown in demand over recent years. It is an alternative to labor-intensive manual methods. The technology should allow a high throughput of samples; the yield, purity, reproducibility, and scalability of the biomolecules as well as the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the assay should be maximal, while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

    Following are the details of academic research paper/review paper: requirements, deadlines and marks.

    For any question please contact [email protected]

    Review Article Requirements:

    Following are the requirements for the review article:

    a) Paper Length

    Your article should have substantial material and not less than 6 pages and minimum 15 research article should be reviewed. The purpose of review article is to gather and consolidate information in one article rather than to read all 15 research papers on this topic.

    b) Quality of Writing

    The clarity and style of expression, the degree to which your paper obeys the rules to
    formal academic grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting details like paragraph indentation and location of page breaks, are part of quality of writing. Write and edit your review carefully for good organization, clear language with good spelling, punctuation, etc.

    c) Format
    Review article must have these sections:
    Abstract, Introduction, Related work, discussion, conclusion and References. You must have to follow format (especially of writing references in the text and at the end of paper under the title of ‘References’) as described with the format named “Vancouver”, that is, the font size and type as it is written, Times New Roman, 12.

    No review article will be accepted without mentioned format.

    d) References
    You must have to study published research papers (minimum 15). The references of published research papers and books are allowed. Any unauthorized materials’ references will not be acceptable.

    The format is also given for your convenience “Vancouver”

    Meydani SN, Leka LS, Fine BC, Dallal GE, Keusch GT, Singh MF, et al. Vitamin E and Respiratory Tract Iinfections in Elderly Nursing Home Residents: a Randomized Controlled Trial. JAMA. 2004 Aug 18;292(7):828-36.

    *Use of reference manager (e.g EndNote) is highly appreciated

    You can access Research Papers on your VULMS account using link [HEC Digital Library], Google Scholar and other online free research paper repositories (Some Journals of Genetics: Infection, Genetics and Evolution, Virus gene, Virology Journal, Journal of Genetics & Genomics, Genome Biology & Evolution Journal, Journal of Genomics, etc.).

    Submission and Deadlines
    Students are required to finalize and submit their review article by due date.

    As the academic research paper carries 15% of the total course grade, therefore it must contain implementation results of the proposed research idea. Similarly, in case of a review paper the “Discussion” section must contain student’s comments/conclusions and future research agenda regarding the domain being reviewed.

    Warning: Write in your own words, do not copy-paste. Plagiarism is not acceptable. In case plagiarism is found, you will be awarded ZERO marks. No excuse will be accepted in this regard. For further understanding about plagiarism, please follow the links:
    Little Book of Plagiarism
    HEC Policy about plagiarism.

    For further information and guidelines on writing a research paper, please follow the link: Guidelines and Requirements for Writing a Research Paper

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