CS507 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Virtual University of Pakistan
    Assignment No. 01 Fall 2019
    CS507: Information Systems
    Due date: 15 Nov 2019
    Total Marks: 20
    Obtained Marks_____
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    Virtual University of Pakistan
    All questions in this assignment cover the topics from lecture 1 to 9. For all questions your answer must be concise, to the point and compact not more than 4 to 5 lines.
    The objective of this assignment is to;

    1. Evaluate the student understandings in the basic organizational concepts 2. Evaluate the understandings of management information systems
    2. Evaluate the students understanding in decision making approaches
      Instructions to solve Assignment
      This assignment contains 4 questions; you are required to solve all of them. It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
      • The assignment is submitted after due date.
      • The assignment is not in the required format.
      • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
      • Assignment is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums,
      students, etc.)
      • Assignment sent by email will not be accepted.
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    Virtual University of Pakistan
    Question No 1: (5+5 Marks)
    The board of directors of a famous multinational hotel has approved a new restructuring plan for the organization. The new plan is expected to improve routine activities, task ownership and smooth reporting of overall operations with expedition of decision processes. It includes numerous changes in terms of classification of jobs and differentiation of responsibilities, identification of stakeholders and their roles, inter-department and intra-department authority delegation. All correspondences have to be examined by department heads and most of departmental matters are decided at their level. Issues falling out of the scope or lacking clarity are escalated to higher management. Departments such as human relations management, marketing, finance and business development has strong dependencies on other departments and all departments work proactively with each other, however, inter-departmental decisions are required to be approved by higher management who requires the regular reports from the departmental heads on various issues.
    a) management and what are the b) Give any 3 points that shows how Business Environment affects hotel industry?
    Question No 2: (5 Marks)
    There are different decision making approaches depending on the nature and type of the problem or issue. You are required to discuss different types of decision making approaches briefly and what approach would be applied to solve the problems related to following situations.

    1. Recruitment in an organization 2.
    2. Natural disaster
    3. Selection of a University for higher Studies
      Question No 3: (5 Marks)
      Computer based information management systems help large organizations in various aspects like simplifying the decision processes, strategic planning, control of management, operational control and processing of transactions etc. As a system analyst you are required to enlist and briefly discuss the enabling technologies/components that an information system depends on.
      Note: Assignment Solutions only in MSWORD format shall be accepted,
      Be Best of Luck t
      Which organizational structure is followed by this hotel
      challenges of that structure?
      Withdraw Amount from an account
      Labor walkout in a factory
      Employee salaries distribution
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