CS403 GDB1 Solution and discussion

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    GDB Topic:

    The Virtual University has a multi-disciplinary approach and offers extensive degree programs in numerous academic disciplines. Although undergraduate and post graduate degrees are awarded in many disciplines, the most sought and highly popular degrees offered by the University are in the fields of Computer and IT. BS, MS and PhD program offered under the department of CS and IT. Students get enrolled and study the relevant courses in a particular semester. VU manages the information about students, degree programs, student’s achievements, course credentials and many more.

    Let’s suppose, you are the database designer and asked to design the database of above given scenario.

    In order to design the database, you have to choose a data model from the following data models:

    Hierarchical data model
    Network data model
    Relational data model
    As a database designer which data model will you choose for the database designing? Justify your answer in either case with only very solid points.

    Note: Answer should not exceed 200 words.

    GDB Instructions:

    You need to provide precise and to the point answer, avoid irrelevant details.
    Copied from the internet or another student will get zero marks.
    You cannot participate in the discussion after the due date via email.
    The GDB will open and close on specified date and time. Please note that no grace day or extra time will be given for posting comments on GDB.

  • Relational data model
    As a database designer, I’ll choose relational data model for the database designing because the relational model represents the database as a collection of relations. A relation is nothing but a table of values. Every row in the table represents a collection of related data values. These rows in the table denote a real-world entity or relationship.
    The table name and column names are helpful to interpret the meaning of values in each row. The data are represented as a set of relations. In the relational model, data are stored as tables. However, the physical storage of the data is independent of the way the data are logically organized.
    Relational Integrity constraints are referred to conditions which must be present for a valid relation. These integrity constraints are derived from the rules in the mini-world that the database represents.
    Four basic update operations performed on relational database model are
    Insert, update, delete and select. The Relational database model represents the database as a collection of relations (tables)Attribute, Tables, Tuple, Relation Schema, Degree, Cardinality, Column, Relation instance, are some important components of Relational Model Relational Integrity constraints are referred to conditions which must be present for a valid relation. The relational database is only concerned with data and not with a structure which can improve the performance of the model

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