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    PAK301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

    Question No 1
    Do you think that Two Nation Theory became the basis of creation or °Pakistan? Justify your
    Answer with five relevant points.
    The two-nation theory is the basis of the creation of Pakistan.
    The Two-Nation Theory served as the basis of demand for Pakistan by the Muslims in British
    India. There are two major nations in British India. The Muslims are not a community but a
    Nation with a distinctive history, heritage, culture, civilization, and future aspirations.
    5 Relevant Points:

    1. The Muslims wanted to preserve and protect their distinct identity and advance their interests
      in India.
    2. They wanted to order their lives in accordance with their ideas and philosophy of life without
      being overwhelmed by an unsympathetic majority.
    3. They demanded safeguards, constitutional guarantees, and a federal system of government
      with powers to the provinces for the protection and advancement of their heritage, identity, and
    4. They demanded a separate state when neither the British nor the Hindu majority community
      was willing to offer those guarantees and safeguards.
    5. Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations, with their own customs, religion, and traditions;
      therefore, from social and moral points of view.
    6. They demanded separate electorates, but when they opined that Muslims would not be safe in
      a Hindu-dominated India, they began to demand a separate state.
    7. The League demanded self-determination for Muslim-majority areas in the form of a
      sovereign state promising minorities equal rights and safeguards in these Muslim majority areas.

    Question No 2
    What were the socio-economic and religious causes behind the War of independence (1857)?
    Justify your answer with five relevant points.

    The socio-economic and religious causes behind the War of Independence (1857):
    5 Relevant Points:

    1. Rule of Law, socio-economic justice, equity and fair play.
    2. Equality of opportunity to all citizens irrespective of caste, sect, religion or region.
    3. Religious and Cultural tolerance.
    4. Respect for human dignity and rights.
    5. Protection of the rights and interests of non-Muslims and freedom to practice their beliefs and

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