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    Important Announcement

    We welcome you all in the new semester. As you know, you have to start internship and for that organizations require university’s reference letter.

    In this regard, assignment 02 has been opened on VULMS. It is only for the students who missed assignment 01 and could not submit their requests in time. Those who have already submitted their requests are not required to submit assignment 02. After selecting any organization/hospital, please fill in the request from for reference letter uploaded as assignment file, giving accurate detail.

    Upload the filled request form on VULMS till 29th April, 2019 so that reference letters may be issued to you in time.

    Please note that no requests for reference letter will be entertained via email. In case of any concern, please send an email to [email protected]

    Also note that emails from your personal IDs will NOT be entertained. Please send an email from you VU email ID to get a reply from your instructor.

    Please note that after the due date of assignment 02 i.e. 29th April, 2019, no requests regarding IRL will be entertained. So be proactive and upload your requests in time.

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