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  • RE: CS605 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion

    Buy it in:

    1. Software license costs of the product
    2. Renewal costs over period of contract
    3. Support and maintenance contract costs
    4. License costs of associated products, e.g. database license, digital certificate costs, etc.
    5. Project management costs
    6. Implementation costs
    7. Escrow costs (if using)
    8. Consultancy and advise (if using)
    9. End user training
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  • RE: CS605 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion

    You should expect to include the following costs in a build it yourself scenario:

    1. Research of requirements
    2. Project management costs
    3. Cost of specialist design team and business analysis consultants
    4. Costs of internal development team
    5. Costs of outsourcing, if using
    6. License costs for hardware and software development tools
    7. License costs for associated software such as databases, digital certificates, etc.
    8. Costs in time to market
    9. Test support costs, including UX /accessibility testing, setting up and costs of test servers
    10. Technical authors for user guides and other documentation
    11. End user training
    12. Environment costs
    13. Code analysis costs (if performing)
    14. Maintenance and new feature deployment (post production)
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  • RE: CS605 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion

    Type of Skills Needed To Build It Yourself
    Team members need to come with a multitude of skills and experience.
    The software development lifecycle requires knowledge across a number of areas:
    • Project management
    • Requirements analysis
    • User journey development and related documentation such as state models
    • Architecture design, including the review of certain protocols, database types, security measures, etc.
    • Storyboarding and user interface design
    • Management of usability / accessibility testing
    • API development where needed
    • Technical authors for user guides and other documentation
    • Test case and automated script creation
    • Testing of software across CIT/SIT/UAT and pre-production
    • Environment design and setup
    • Implementation
    • Maintenance

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  • RE: MGT713 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

    Seven important keys for this are as follow.
    1.Understand what forecasting is and is not
    As a result of this a better environment will established for business activities. Accuracy and remove the game plan is also can be achieved.
    2. Forecast demand and plan supply
    In this way you can improve capital planning and customer service.
    3. Communicate, corporate and collaborate
    It is very helpful to get all important information for to forecast and it is trustable for user. More accurate and relevant forecast can be got.
    4. Eliminate island of analysis
    With this key more reliable and accurate forecast can be achieved.
    5. Use tools wisely
    With the help of this efficiency and effectiveness will be get.
    6. Make it important
    With the help of this forecasting key developers can take serious the issue that are under discussion. Accuracy and credibility can also be achieved.
    7. Measure
    Forecast performance can be including in the individual performance plans. Errors can be removed and improvement can be also achieved. Confidence of the forecasting can also be increased.

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  • RE: ENG508 GDB1 Solution and discussion

    @zaasmi said in ENG508 GDB1 Solution and discussion:

    What are the benefits and barriers of e-learning with reference to linguistic courses? Do you find an effective guidance from the instructors for your course activities?

    Online facilitated and instructor-led courses are usually organized into … used to the online learning platform and for administrators to see if there are any … The course consists of a series of learning activities that can be scheduled on a weekly … learners are too shy or lack language fluency to collaborate effectively in real …

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  • RE: MGT713 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

    As a production manager, i will guide to sales manager to follow some steps as mentioned below-

    1. Observe the demand of last 6-7 months.
    2. Accordingly plan the material which has regular demand.
    3. Do not stock the undemanded product.
    4. Observe the market scenario and potential also.
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  • RE: FIN725 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

    Heuristics are the strategies derived from previous experiences with similar problems. These strategies depend on using readily accessible, though loosely applicable, information to control problem solving in human beings, machines and abstract issues.[3][4]

    The most fundamental heuristic is trial and error, which can be used in everything from matching nuts and bolts to finding the values of variables in algebra problems. In mathematics, some common heuristics involve the use of visual representations, additional assumptions, forward/backward reasoning and simplification.[5] Here are a few commonly used heuristics from George Pólya’s 1945 book, How to Solve It:[6]

        If you are having difficulty understanding a problem, try drawing a picture.
        If you can't find a solution, try assuming that you have a solution and seeing what you can derive from that ("working backward").
        If the problem is abstract, try examining a concrete example.
        Try solving a more general problem first (the "inventor's paradox": the more ambitious plan may have more chances of success).


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  • RE: BNK601 Quiz 2 Solution and Discussion

    Please share the question and answers if anyone has done.

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  • RE: BNK601 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

    Question No. 1:

    Term: duration of product and services offered by Bank are known as Term.

    There are two type of term in banking system are as follows:

    Short term: short-term lending options are paid back over a period of months or as little as two years. Short-term business financing options are for smaller amounts. Because short-term financing is for smaller amounts, you pay them back more quickly at a higher interest rate and there’s a shorter approval process.
    Long Term: long-term lending options are paid back over a number of years. Long-term financing options are for larger amounts. Long-term business financing options are for larger amounts, there’s a longer, more rigorous approval process and it takes more time to pay them back.

    Demand Liabilities: Demand Liabilities are those liabilities which are to be paid as and when demanded. Example: deposit in saving and current accounts are demand liabilities. Bank has to pay then as and when demanded.

    Question No 2: (Different Financing Facilities)

    The different financing Facilities provide by the banking system are as follows:

    Business Lines of Credit
    Overdraft Services
    Deferred payment plans
    Lines of credit
    Revolving credit
    Term loans
    Letters of credit
    Swing line loans
    Business lone
    Loan for Capital
    Lone for Agriculture Production etc.

    Question No 3: (Locker Facility)

    Yes our bank is provided Locker facility to the customer to safe or secures their Documents’ and value able things.

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