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    Re: GSC101 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

    Is it Possible that autopsy organisms may produce organic material from inorganic substance? If Yes, write the name of Process If No, write it with solid reason.

    Yes, it’s possible because it’s also defined as: Autopsy are organisms which will produce their own food, using materials from inorganic sources. The word “autopsy” comes from the basis words “auto” for “self” and “troph” for “food.” An autopsy is an organism that feeds itself, without the help of the other organisms. autopsy are extremely important because without them, no other sorts of life can exists. the primary life forms on Earth would have had to be autopsy.

    Process of autopsy:

    Process of autopsy include photo autopsy’s, and chemo autopsy’s.

    Photo autopsy:

    Photo autopsy are organisms who get the energy to form organic materials from sunlight. Photo autopsy include all plants, green alga’s, and bacteria which perform photosynthesis.

    Chemo autopsy’s:

    Chemo autopsy’s are organisms that obtain energy from inorganic chemical processes. Today, chemo autopsy’s are most ordinarily found in trouble environments which receive no sunlight. Many got to live around deep sea volcanic vents, which produce enough heat to permit metabolism to occur at a high rate.

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