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    Starting Date Wednesday, January 15, 2020
    Closing Date Thursday, January 16, 2020
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    Question Title GDB-CS614
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    Pulse Globe Energy Limited (PGEL) is involved in the undertaking of gas exploration, development and production activities in Australia and Asia. PGEL has investments in upstream gas activities and electricity generation that complement wholesale energy contracts to support the retail customer base.

    For one of the projects PGEL has already acquired the Seismic data which provides a “time picture” of subsurface structure to aid in gas exploration.

    You are hired by the company as Data Analyst to suggest / identify the most desirable areas for gas exploration by using your analytical stills, as company would have to invest a huge budget of 1 million dollar for this task.

    After reading the above scenario you are required to answer the following question:

    Suggest the most suitable data mining technique for the given scenario and also support your answer with one valid reason (Not lengthy more than 2 – 3 lines).

    Format of your answer would be as given below:

    Technique Name: ________________________

    1 Strong Reason to Choose: _______________________________________________________

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