CS725 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Data Mining
    Virtual university of Pakistan
    Assignment # 01
    Total Points: 40
    Data Mining (CS725)
    Please read the instructions before stepping in to the assignment solution. Please try to complete and upload your assignment on or before due date. No assignment will be considered after due date through email.
    Please apply/ perform all the steps.
    Copying from other students or any other source will be
    marked as ZERO.
    Screenshots of assignment solution will not be considered.
    Assignment solution must be typed.
    Screenshots of Mathematical Equation will lead to marks deduction.
    No assignment will be entertained through email.
    Be specific and to the point in assignment solution. No assignment after due date will be accepted.
    Due Date: November 15th, 2019

    Data Mining Virtual university of Pakistan
    Question# 01
    Consider an undergraduate class having four core subjects as follows:
     Computer programming
     Data structures
     Analysis of algorithms
     Digital logic design.
    As per university policy, a student has to score minimum marks as follows to clear the semester.
    a) Min-max normalization by considering maximum as 1 and minimum as 0 b) Z-score and discuss every calculated z-score result.
    Question# 02 (10pts)
    a) Compute the cosine similarity for the below mentioned documents:
    D1= Ali loves me more than Akram loves me
    D2= Shahzain likes me more than Ali loves me.

    Data Mining Virtual university of Pakistan
    b) Consider the university students records mentioned below and compute Euclidean distance:

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    Solution Manual-DM:
    Question# 01
    Solution: (30pts)
    25d8de40-37fb-4b0f-9cb2-6a6cd1ef0d81-image.png ede1d1e9-d26a-4d8d-a0c1-33cff47bd534-image.png 989a7ce0-af65-4517-b530-2bc54857d6a8-image.png 37664063-8e69-4fe4-8c90-e1231f48619c-image.png 977918e2-e47c-4ee4-a9ce-b5b845e9458e-image.png 3767bb79-0b8a-49a1-88a1-4185bcc9b461-image.png 54785684-6294-47cb-a260-f925551ff1c1-image.png

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