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MGMT630 - Knowledge Management

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    @zaasmi said in MGMT630 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion:

    Question: What are the reasons of failure despite of having awareness about the significance of knowledge management? Write three reasons of failures and what could be done differently to avoid those failures.How to Attempt the Assignment:

    Here 3 reasons of failure why the knowledge management was not successful:

    Social activities for knowledge-sharing were not met due to the lack of specific or appropriate guidelines. Reward system for knowledge creation/sharing turned out to have negative effect. The cutting-edge solution and the notion for IT was not greatly utilized due to lack computer literacy.

    To explain futher the failures of what went wrong despite having the significance of knowledge management are as follows:

    The main purpose in having the said social and knowledge sharing acitivites was defeated due to an unprepared set of guidelines which will be used in the said aspect. Instead of having an open discussion about the task and organizational improvement, the employees are gossipping nonsense about their co-employees. Preparing a standard set of topics prior to the event should have been done by the organizers to avoid nonsense activities and thus promote a negative effect as to what knowledge management was all about. The reward system was negatively used just to improved one’s self. Instead of sharing the knowledge, it was kept for self-interest due to the driving force of money. Another approach that could have been done with this matter is that the reward system should be rewarded by group as to passed on knowledge to their co-members. With this, the members are willing to participate and share their knowledge to other members and strive to achieve to get that reward system as a team. It is a win-win situation for both the employees and the company. The used of IT was not met eventhough it provides cutting-edge solution to the company. Before introducing to the employees the importance of IT, the company should have done workshops or seminars to further broaden the knowledge of the employees about computer literacy. Practices with technology should have been done first by the management to enhance the skills of their employees since it will benefit the company a lot in this matter and thus speeding the work or knowledge distribution faster.
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    idea solution?