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MCM431 - Development Communication

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    Note: This is only solution making idea, not a complete solution.
    Enlist 10 DC and DSC programs which are implemented in Pakistan with the help and support of NGO’s. Moreover, select any two programs from them and discuss briefly considering the guidelines.

    Development Communication Programs Development Support Communication Programs End child marriage in Pakistan Development of a corporate social responsibility portfolio of Jazz Family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention Meena Social mobilization initiative Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns Establishing purpose-built schools located in the heart of communities War Against Rape Orphan girl’s empowerment through vocational skills Polio Awareness Campaign Community health care program

    Polio Awareness Campaign as per given guidelines:
    Polio is a viral virus causes nerve injury. Polio virus continually affecting the children and adults in various parts of Pakistan. A polio immunization awareness campaign was launched in 1974. Historically, Pakistan had the highest number of polio cases in 2014. In some areas of Pakistan, people’s perceptions are negative about the polio campaign due to illiteracy. The basic purpose of this campaign is to save our children from this killer disease and make our country polio free. Media utilized in the campaign: Social media, electronic and print media at national level and at community level, authorities conduct seminars, awareness workshops. With the help of the media, the polio eradication program has a positive impact on society. Polio cases declined and some misconceptions are over.

    Community health care program:
    Many NGO’s are working in different remote rural areas of Pakistan. Their aim is to provide basic medical facilities to the community. Some have their medical base units in villages with the in-house doctors and many organizations, visits frequently different villages with their mobile medical camps. The objective of these programs is to help the local people and provide them timely medical help. Some time they use local newspapers to announce the date of their visits in identifying communities, place banners on walls, use loud speakers. These health initiatives have a positive impact on communities.