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MGT501 - Human Resource Management

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    @zaasmi said in MGT501 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion:

    A private sector bank which operated at a limited level in Pakistan, acquired a large local private sector bank, this resulted in extensive organizational growth in terms of number of branches and profitability. Both banks had different organizational cultures first one dominated with a team-based culture, and second one having a typical beaurocratic culture of government organizations. Here, different ethnical groups, older workers, cultural differences, gender and education are the sources of workforce diversity.
    Keeping in view the above scenario, discuss how work force diversity can be considered as an asset for the new setup? Furthermore, enlist two major challenges which bank has to face now. Explain each point with sound arguments.

    Work forte diversity can be consid d as an asset for the new setup
    Financial and fixed assets are lust considered assets the real assets of any company, this one Is the general phenomena of the organization. But if we see, on the other hand, the real assets are human resource assets; which care take the all fixed and financial assets. If employers happy their workforce, definitely they look after very well and accurate the company financial and fixed assets. As our above scenario about bank which is extending its operation on local base, they have required different type of workforce to manage the operations and asset of the bank. Here different ethnical groups, older workers, cultural differences, gender and education are the sources of workforce; that are working in this company, so they are real asset of the company to manage the financial assets of the company.

    Resistance to Change: Although employee diversity is a fact of life, the dominant groups in organisations are does not want change en the organization. As in oar case bank is extending their operations on local base. Lower Cohesiveness: Diversity can create a lack of cohesiveness. Cohesiveness’ refers to how tightly knit the group is and the degree to which group members perceive, interpret and act on their environment In similar or mutually agreed upon ways.

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