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    1. Following are the intrinsic rewards EXCEPT: MGT501
    • Good food
    1. Which of the following area is NOT included in Human Resource Development? MGT501 Orientatioan

    2. Which is NOT important for effective utilization of resources that are to be spent on training and development program? MGT501

    3. Which of the following best describes the difference between training and development? MGT501

    4. Training is used for current and Development for future

    5. A planning approach that carries an inbuilt feature of review at different steps during the execution of the plan is called: MGT501\

    • MBO
    1. Assessing interests, seeking out career information and utilizing development opportunities are all part of the _____’s role in career development. MGT501
    • Individual
    1. Monetary rewards offered to individuals involved in administration of the organization are termed as: MGT501
    • All of above (salary , bonuses etc.)
    1. Which of the following measurement method rates employee performance relative to other employees? MGT501
    • Comparative Method
    1. Which method is not very useful when jobs are very different from each other? MGT501

    2. Which one of the following is NOT advantage of critical incident method for performance appraisal? MGT501

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