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    Chandni Enterprises has three partners- Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C. The firm is involved in trading of computer hardware. In recent days disputes have arisen among the partners on the following points:

    At the start of business, Mr. A had provided his shop to be used as office of firm without any consideration and without it being included in capital contribution. Now he wants to withdraw this shop for his personal use. Other partners are not happy with this.
    Mr. A enters into an agreement with Mr. Zee for the purchase of a bulk quantity of used monitors without taking consent of other partners. Other partners are against him on this deal.
    Mr. B relinquishes the balance amount pending towards Mr. Shaban, a debtor of the firm. A dispute also arises on this act of Mr. B.


    You are required to provide solution for the disputed points among partners based on relevant provisions of Partnership Act 1932.


    Your answers should be precise and to the point.
    Do not copy from a web-site or another student.
    Copied answers will be marked as Zero.
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