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    Assignment 4
    Research Methodology/ Instrumentation
    Total Marks: 15

    Dear Students
    You are required to send assignments on your approved/ revised topics for research. This assignment must include previous assignments as well. Your assignment must clearly state your research topic, statement of problem, objectives of the research and hypotheses/ research questions.
    It is compulsory that you all must write your approved thesis title on your assignment files, only then the supervisor can finalize and guide about your methodology.
    This assignment particularly requires writing the research methodology of your thesis.

    Methodology explains how you design your research. What specific methods will you acquire for data collection and how it will be done. Some major headings that must be a part of your thesis are:
    • Methodology
    • Design
    • Research Method
    • Population
    • Sampling Technique
    • Sample size
    • Instrumentation—instruments/ tools used for the data collection
    • Validity and reliability of the tools/ questionnaires
    • Time frame
    You are required to complete this assignment by giving details of all of these sub-headings.
    NOTE: Please attach your proposed questionnaires/instruments for approval. Without approval of instruments you cannot collect data.

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