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    Violent prepared crime is one of the largest crises dealing with Mexico, and it locations journalists in harm’s way. Murders are a daily occurrence in many parts of the country, and research indicates that Mexico is the most deadly place within the international for reporters outdoor of active war zones. The natural desire to avoid turning into a target has led some journalists to choose to live quiet to keep their lives.
    Something similar to a code of silence has emerged throughout the country. We suspected that there had been complete regions wherein newshounds were not reporting at the violence, threats, intimidation and homicide that have been widely recognized to be part of day by day life.
    We set out to measure this silence and its impact on journalism. To do so, we partnered with the Google News Initiative to use the power of system gaining knowledge of and artificial intelligence to quantify and visualize information insurance and examine the gaps in coverage throughout the country.
    Our first step was to set up a process to decide the absence of information. We explored articles on violence to understand how they examine to the government’s authentic registry of homicides.
    In theory, each murder that occurs must correspond with at least one nearby record about the occasion. If we noticed a divergence, or if the government’s reviews were suddenly very special from neighborhood news insurance, we may want to deduce that reporters had been being silenced.
    Early on, sorting through information articles appeared impossible. We knew we needed to find a information archive with the largest wide variety of courses in Mexico feasible so we could track every day insurance across the country. Google News’ enormous collection of neighborhood and national news tales across Mexico was an amazing fit.
    The attempt required us to pick out the distinction between the quantity of homicides formally recorded and the news stories of those killings on Google News. This required machine getting to know algorithms that had been capable of perceive the primary suggested story after which pinpoint wherein the event took place. With that information, we were able to connect stated events by way of media with the government’s reports on homicides throughout extra than 2400 municipalities in Mexico.
    A map of unreported murders across Mexico that were identified through El Universal’s project.

    Finally, to degree the diploma of silence in each area of the country, we created a system that permits us to peer the evolution of this phenomenon over time. The resulting information shows a captivating mix of falls or peaks in unreported deaths, which coincide with activities including the arrival of new governments or the deaths of drug dealers. Further research will permit us to give an explanation for these connections.
    At El Universal, we’re devoted to retain our search for information deserts, to decorate the energy of journalism in Mexico and draw attention to how coverage varies in line with the sort of crimes dedicated in each vicinity, now not simply homicides.
    This exercise is every other reminder that in Mexico, as in many different countries, we can not take freedom of the click for granted.

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