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    Classroom Observation Form
    B.Ed One Year Teaching Practice
    Virtual University of Pakistan
    Please spend the required number of observation hours in the elementary grades (6 - 8) in the school that you have identified and fill in this form.
    Learning Theories

    1. Which learning theory is being used by the teacher in her teaching approach? Support your answer by giving three examples. /3
      Classroom Management

    2. What is the physical seating arrangement in the class and how is it affecting the classroom management? /3

    3. Which types of management approaches are being used in the class? /2
      • Overt Management Approaches
      • Covert Management Approaches

    4. Which models of classroom management are being used in the class? Please give an example of your observation. /2
      • Assertive discipline
      • Logical consequences
      • Teacher effectiveness training

    5. Which of the following management styles does the teacher follow? Please support your answer with an example. /2
      • Strong Control
      • Teacher Preparedness
      • Laissez-Fair
      • Moderate Control

    6. Which reward mechanism is being used in the class when students adhere to the rules? /1
      For example:
      • Verbal (Well done!)
      • Non-verbal (Nods, smiles, facial and body gestures)
      • Tokens / Stars

    7. Which negative consequences are being used in the class for breaking the rules? Support your answer with examples. /1

    For example:
    • Missing recess
    • Detention after school
    • Relinquishing a reward won earlier
    • Extra academic work
    • No game period
    • Assisting in cleaning the classroom
    • Suspension from school
    Classroom Assessment
    8. Which types of assessments are being used in the class and which one of them is being used the most, and why? /2
    9. Which tools of assessment are being used in the class? /1
    For example:
    • observation,
    • questionnaires,
    • interviews,
    • tests,
    • quiz,
    • Projects etc.
    10. Are the tests being used in class free of bias? How? /1
    11. Do the tests used in the class have content and face validity? /1
    12. Which types of feedback are being used in the class? Please share example of feed-back given by the teacher?
    For example: /1
    • Descriptive
    • Evaluative
    • Motivational
    • Oral
    • Written

    Attendance Form for Classroom Observations
    B.Ed (One Year) Virtual University of Pakistan
    • Student Name & ID ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    • School Name ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Head Teacher Name------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Grade Level Day Date Starting Time Ending Time

    • Total number of hours observed: --------------------
    • School Stamp ------------------------------------------------
    • Teacher’s sign -------------------------------------------------

    Note: Please get signed “Attendance form of Classroom Observation” and attach the scanned copy with the observation.

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