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    If a system is not in a safe state, there can be No deadlocks.
    ►False(Page 137)
    A dashed line is used to represent a _________ in Resource Allocation Graph.
    ►Claim edge (Page 138)
    ►Request edge
    ►Assignment edge
    ►Allocation edge
    The process of holding at least one resource and waiting to acquire additional resources that are currently
    being held by other processes is known as________.
    ►Mutual exclusion
    ►Hold and wait (Page 131)
    ►No preemption
    ►Circular wait
    In Resource Allocation Graph, A _______ Pi →Rj indicates that process Pi may request resource Rj at some
    time in the future.
    ►Claim edge (Page 138)
    ►Request edge
    ►Assignment edge
    ►Allocation edge
    If the system can allocate resources to each process in some order and still avoid a deadlock then it said to
    be in ______ state.
    ►Safe (Page 137)
    A condition where a set of blocked processes each holding a resource and waiting to acquire a resource
    held by another process in the set is termed as ________.
    ►Deadlock (Page 130)
    The following is NOT a classical problem of synchronization
    ►Bounded buffer problem
    ►Reader writer problem
    ►Dining philosopher‟s problem
    ►Counting semaphore problem (Page 118)
    (MCQZ-CS604 Operating Systems)
    (No repeated Questions) April 2014
    (MCS Students: MC120202589/MC120201756)
    Virtual University Of Pakistan
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    The integer value of ________semaphores can range over an unrestricted integer domain.
    ►Counting (Page 117)
    ►Bounded buffer
    The condition in which a set {P0, P1… Pn} of waiting processes must exist such that P0 is waiting for a
    resource that is held by P1, P1 is waiting for a resource that is held by P2, and so on, Pn-1 is waiting for a
    resource held by Pn, and Pn is waiting for a resource held by P0. This condition is known as
    ►Mutual exclusion
    ►Hold and wait
    ►No preemption
    ►Circular wait (Page 131)
    You can use the rm file1 command to __________ file1
    ►Remove (Page 30)
    The correct command for compiling C program named program.c in Linux environment is
    ►gcc program.c -o FirstPrgram (Page 31)
    ►gcc -o FirstProgram program.c
    ►gcc -z FirstProgram program.c
    ►gcc program.c -m FirstPrgram
    Using _________system, we can create a new process in Linux.
    ►Fork (Page 39)
    ► exec
    Cooperating processes never share any data, code, memory or state.
    ►False(Page 5)
    Question No: 5 of 10 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    ____ command display the status of a process.
    ►ps (Page 66)

    Swapper is also termed as Short term scheduler.
    ►False(Page 36)
    _____ system call is used to write to a file or FIFO or any other IPC channel.
    ►write(Page 48)
    A Process „A‟ that has finished working but its parent process has also finished its execution. In this
    state the process „A‟ will be called as _____ process.
    ►Zombie (Page 42)
    _________________ scheduling allows a process to move between queues.
    ►Round Robin
    ►First Come First Serve
    ►Multilevel Feedback Queue (Page 92)
    ►Shortest Remaining Time First
    Kernel is responsible for scheduling the user level threads.
    ►False (Page 73)
    A ---------------- (or an exception) is a software-generated interrupt caused either by an error (division by
    zero or invalid memory access) or by a user request for an operating system service.
    ► Interrupt
    ► Trap (Page 10)
    ► Signal
    ► Process
    Which register holds the smallest legal physical memory address for a process?
    ► Base register (Page 13)
    ► Limit register
    ► Status register
    ► None of the given options
    The --------------semaphore provides mutual exclusion for accesses to the buffer pool and is initialized to
    the value 1.
    ► mutex (Page 118)
    ► binary
    ► couting
    ► none of the given options
    Binary semaphores are those that have only two values---------
    ► 0 and n
    ► 0 and 0
    ► 0 and 1 (Page 117)
    ► None of the given options
    Physical memory is broken down into fixed-sized blocks, called----------- and Logical memory is divided
    into blocks of the same size, called -----------
    ► Frames, pages (Page 165)
    ► Pages, Frames
    ► Frames, holes
    ► Holes, segments
    A page table needed for keeping track of pages of the page table is called --------------
    ► 2-level paging
    ► Page directory (Page 173)
    ► Page size
    ► Page table size
    The address generated by the CPU, after any indexing or other addressing-mode arithmetic, is called a —
    -----address, and the address it gets translated to by the MMU is called a ---------address.
    ►Virtual, physical click here for detail
    ► Hexadecimal, Binary,
    ► Valid, invalid
    ► Physical, Virtual
    Each page is a power of -------- bytes long in paging scheme.
    ► 2
    ► 3
    ► 4 (Page 167)
    ► 5
    Which part of the computer system helps in managing the file and memory management system?
    ► Operating System (Page 5)
    ► Device Drivers
    ► Application Software
    ► Hardware
    Which of the following is correct definition for wait operation?
    ► wait(S) { (Page 111)

    ;// no o
    ► wait(S) {
    ► wait(S) {
    ;// no op
    ► wait(S) {
    In deadlock detection and recovery algorithm, a deadlock exists in the system if and only if the wait for
    graph contains a _____________
    ► Cycle (Page 147)
    ► Graph
    ► Edge
    ► Node
    ------------ register contains the size of the process
    ►Base register
    ►Index register
    ►Limit register (Page 13)
    ►Stack pointers register
    The -----------scheme is not applicable to a resource allocation system with multiple instances of each
    resource type.
    ►Wait for graph (Page 148)
    ►Resource allocation graph
    ►Both Resource-allocation and wait-for graph ► None of the given options
    ___________ algorithm is used in Deadlock avoidance.
    ►Banker‟s (Page 139)
    ►Mutual exclusion
    ►Safe Sequence
    What do we name to an address that is loaded into the memory-address register of the memory?
    ►Logical address
    ►Physical address (Page 155)
    ►Binary addresses
    ►None of the given options

    Cache is non-volatile memory.
    ►False (Page 153)
    A system call________
    ►Is an entry point into the kernel code (Page 18)
    ►Allows a program to request a kernel service
    ►Is a technique to protect I/O devices and other system resources
    ►All of the these
    The condition where a set of blocked processes each holding a resource and waiting to acquire a resource
    held by another process in the set, is termed as ________.
    ►Deadlock (Page 130)
    Banker‟s algorithm is used for ________________
    ►Deadlock avoidance (Page 140)
    ►Deadlock detection
    ►Deadlock prevention
    ►Deadlock removal
    The ________ requires that once a writer is ready, that writer performs its write as soon as possible , if a
    writer waiting to access the object, no new readers may start reading.
    first readers-writers problem
    ►second readers-writers problem (Page 119)
    ►third readers-writers problem
    ►fourth readers-writers problem
    ________________ is an integer variable accessible through wait and signal which are atomic operations.
    ►Semaphore (Page 111)
    ►Busy w aiting
    The integer value of _________ semaphores can not be greater than 1.
    ►Binary (Page 117)
    ►Bounded buffer
    Starvation is infinite blocking caused due to unavailability of resources.
    ►True (Page 115)

    Operating System provides services such as Managing Primary and Secondary Storage, Processes and
    Allowing user to manage his/her files and directories.
    ►True (Page 5)
    ___________ is used in real time operating systems.
    ►Non-preemptive scheduling Click here for detail
    ►Preemptive scheduling
    ►Dispatching scheduling
    ►FCFS scheduling
    Preventing a condition of ________ to happen, deadlocks can be prevented to happen.
    ►Critical region
    ►Circular wait (Page 136)
    ►Critical section
    The problem with priority scheduling algorithm is ________.
     Deadlock
     Starvation (Page# 84)
     Aging
     Nice value
    Kernel threads are supported directly by the operating system. The kernel performs
    the scheduling, creation, and management in ------ command display the status of a
     ls
     ps (Page# 63)
     gcc
     cat
    _______________ scheduling algorithm can be preemptive or non-preemptive.
     First Come First Serve
     Shortest Job First (Page # 83)
     Round Robin
     Priority
    Round Robin algorithm is most suitable for __________.
     Time sharing system (Page # 86)
     Real time systems and batch systems
     Running Batch programs

     Expert system
    The critical section problem can‟t be solved by the following except
     Software based solution
     Firmware based solution (Page# 99)
     Operating system based solution
     Hardware based solution
    Mkfifo () is a _______.
     System Call
     Command
     Directory
     None of Above (Page# 57)
    Preemptive ----------------scheduling is sometimes called shortest remaining-time-first scheduling.
     First-Come-First-Served (FCFS)
     Round-Robin
     Sorted Job First (SJF) (Page# 83)
     Priority
    rm and rmkdir commands are used to _____________ directory.
     Create
     Move
     Remove(Page# 27)
     Modify
    Linux is only single user operating system
     True
     False (Page# 4)
    ____________ command is used to change the directory.
     Ls
     Cp
     Cd (Page# 23)
     mv
    ______________ is used to request the OS by the process to take an I/O or initiating child process.
    System call

    A parent process calling __________ system call will be suspended until children process terminates.
    Select correct option:
    In producer-Consumer problem synchronization is required. On which shared area this
    synchronization actually affect?
     Counter
     Buffer (Page #45)
     Entry section
     Exit section
    Which could not be the advantage of thread?
     Separate address space
     Quick response
     Economical
     Best in multiprocessing environment
    Using hardware solution to synchronization for complex problems, introduce a new
    synchronization tool know as _______________.
     TestAndSet
     Semaphore (Page No. 111 )
     Swap
     Trap
    In instruction TestAndSet mutual exclusion implementation is done by declaring a Boolean
    variable lock ______________.
     Initialized as zero
     Initialized as true
     Initialized as 1
     Initialized as false (Page No. 109)
    Use of semaphore create a problem of busy waiting, this wastes CPU cycles that some other
    process may be able to use productively. This type of semaphore is also called ______________
     Semaphore S
     Spinlock (Page No. 112 )
     Locking Semaphore
     Mutex

    ------------- is a segment of code that accesses a shared resource like data structure or device
    that must not be concurrently accessed by more than one thread of execution.
     Multithreading
     Context switching
     Critical section (Page No. 105, click here for details )
     Pipelining
    Critical section is a place where certain shared structure is updated. Its solution required
    certain precaution; one of them is the access to critical section by one process at a time only.
    What this condition is termed as?
     Progress
     Entry section
     Bounded waiting
     Mutual exclusion
    A solution to the critical section problem must satisfy the following requirements except
     Progress
     Mutual Exclusion
     Bounded Waiting
     Race Condition
    Keep in mind scheduling algorithm, when you go to any famous fast food franchise .On
    entering the store, each customer receives a number. The customer with the lowest number is
    served next. This algorithm is called-------------.
     Dijkastra algorithm
     Simple algorithm
     Deadlock algorithm
     Bakery algorithm
    While executing the statement c++/c-- in Producer-Consumer problem, at back end certain
    number of instructions are executed, if interleaving of statements happen, it create race
    condition. Tell number of instructions that require “no interleaving” while executing c++/c–?
     3
     1
     2
     0
    User mode can run the Privileged instructions.
    Select correct option:

    In Unix/Linux environment, Ayesha wants to know the complete picture of current processes
    in her session. Which of the following command will help her in this regard?
    Select correct option:
    $ ps
    $ gcc
    $ top
    $ fifo
    When processes are generated using fork () system call and then after that they are
    coordinated with each other using IPC channel. They are utilizing a separate address space for
    each of process (parent, child), kernel resources and IPC channel. This makes it a more heavy.
    Which strategy can be used to make it light?
    Select correct option:
    Termination of child process when these become more
    Scheduling of each process
    Use of threads
    Use of Batch systems
    In process management, some of the jobs can be suspended for some time in order to give other
    jobs a chance to be in execution. Which command can be used to place back a suspended
    Select correct option:
    When sender never block because it has an infinite length storage area, then it means it is
    holding a queue of _____________ capacity.
    Select correct option:
    In system call that creates a pipe for IPC. If one of the operation from read/write would fail
    then what will be returned as result?
    Select correct option:
    -1 (page 57)
    To terminate a process <ctrl-c> is pressed, which signal it actually pass to process for
    Select correct option:
    A Process „A‟ that has finished working but its parent process has also finished its execution.
    In this state the process „A‟ will be called as _____ process.
    Select correct option:
    While using the read/write system call which data type is use to return the size of file to buffer
    from file descriptor fd?
    Select correct option:
    Ssize_t (page45)
    In Unix/Linux ------------- are used for client server communication to pass data between a
    server process and client processes.
    Select correct option:
    FIFO (page 60)
    Consider a scenario of CPU protection, ----------- is added to the operating system in order to
    detect and avoid loop in a user program.
    Select correct option:
    Base and limit registers
    Turning interrupt enable off
    Thread that is not executed for servicing a request by a user thread .It is named as -------------.
    Consider three processes in scheduling. Here are the waiting times for three processes
    P1=4,P2=2,P3=6.Which one of is correct average waiting time per process?
    4 (page 81)
    In Unix/Linux environment Ali want to know the number of processes running on the system and their
    status, number of CPUs in the system and their usage, amount of main memory and its usage. Which of
    the following command will help in this regard?
     $ ps
     $ gcc
     $ fifo
     $ top
    In multi-threaded process thread () take two argument, they are used to take______________
    and ___________.
     Program counter value, address space limit
     New thread ID, process name
     Register count, program counter
     New thread function name, new thread ID
    Pipes simply used on the command line to connect the standard input of one process to the
    standard input of another. Which of the following syntax is correct use of command line Linux
    /UNIX pipes?
    Select correct option:
    cmd1 % cmd2% ……… %cmdN
    cmd1 | cmd2 | … | cmdN (page 53)
    cmd1 $ cmd2 $ …………… $ cmdN
    cmd1 & cmd2 & ……………&cmdN
    __________ commands in Linux helps to create a new directory.
    Select correct option:
    When processes communicate with each other, they perform communication through
    synchronization and utilizing separate address spaces. This action is termed as

    Select correct option:
    Inter-process communication (page 67)
    Process management
    Direct/indirect communication
    Ali is an operating system designer. One user requirement regarding OS is easy to debug and
    modify. In your opinion which one of the following OS structure Ali needs to follow?
    Select correct option:
    Simple OS Approach
    Micro kernels
    Layered Approach
    Virtual Machines
    Given bellow two statements can be categorized in some sort of message passing techniques.
    This type is named as ____________.
    • Send (A, message) • Receive (B, message)
    Direct communication
    Explicit buffering
    Send by copy communication
    The TSL (TestAndSet instruction) which is the hardware solution to synchronization problem does
    not satisfy the ________ condition, hence not considered to be a good solution.
    Bounded waiting P/106
    Mutual exclusion
    The ------------system call is used to open or create a file.
    Open () Google
    Read ()
    Write ()

    Close ()
    ------------- Threads are implemented by a thread library.
    Kernel thread
    User thread pg 70
    In client-server applications, __________ are used to pass data between a server process and client
    Used by __________ commands o pass data from one shell pipeline to another, without creating
    temporary files.
    Fork system call is zero for the __________ process.
    __________ that define the ways in which system resources are used to solve the computing
    problems of the users.
    Applications programs
    __________ is used to create a thread.
    Thread ()
    Which multi-threading models provides true concurrency __________ .
    User level provided support for __________ .
    User threads
    In critical section problem each process must first request permission to enter its critical section,
    the section of code implementing this request is called the __________ .

    Entry section
    2-Process and n-Process solutions to the Critical Section Problem are software solutions.
    Command Name interpreter is often known as the _______.
    a. Register
    b. Shell
    c. Kernel
    d. Timer
    All jobs that enter into a ________system are kept in the job pool.
    a. Single user.
    b. Batch
    c. Multiprogrammed
    d. Time sharing system
    Using _____ system call, we can create a new process in Unix.
    a. Fork
    b. Exec
    c. Wait
    d. Exit
    Pipe system call is used to _________ a pipe.
    a. Destroy
    b. Create
    c. Modify
    d. Clear
    To avoid race condition, the number of processes that may be simultaneously inside the critical
    section is ___________.
    a. 8
    b. 1
    c. 16
    d. 0
    A time interval when a process uses CPU only is called ______________.

    a. Scheduling
    b. I/O burst
    c. CPU burst
    d. Dispatch latency
    The solution type where in critical section we use “entry section and “exit section” is called kind of
    Select correct option:
    Hardware Solution
    Software Solution
    Consider three processes in scheduling .Here are the waiting times for the three processes P1 = 5;
    P2 = 10; P3 = 3. Which one of the following is correct average waiting time per process?
    Select correct option:
    Critical section problem can be solved by using how many ways?
    Select correct option:
    3 (page 101)
    The section of code before the critical section is called __________
    Select correct option:
    Entry section
    Remainder section
    Exit section
    Crystal section
    The section of code after the critical section is called __________.
    Select correct option:
    Crystal section
    Entry section
    Remainder section
    Exit section
    _____________ algorithm is used for solving n-process critical section problem.
    Select correct option:
    Bakery (page 105)
    None of the given
    Consider a system of N processes (Po, P1 …… Pn-1). Each process in its critical section and the
    process may be changing common variables, updating a table, writing a file etc. No other process is
    allowed to execute in its critical section. This problem is called -------------
    Select correct option:
    Bakery algorithm
    N-Mutual exclusion
    N-Process Critical Section (page 105)
    Deadlock algorithm
    Consider three processes in scheduling .Here are the waiting times for the three processes P1 = 4;
    P2 = 2; P3 = 6. Which one of the following is correct average waiting time per process?
    Select correct option:
    Clock interrupt handler is an example of kernel thread that is not executed for servicing by user
    thread. It is named as
    LWP (I think)

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    (MCQs- Solved- CS604 Operating Systems)
    (No repeated Questions) April 2014
    (MCS Students: MC120202589/MC120201756)
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    Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) is a timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and used until 2000. The system was started as a joint project by MIT’s Project MAC, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and General Electric Company’s Large Computer Products Division.Aug 7, 2019
    Multics History

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    1. A line replaceable unit, or LRU, is an equipment level repair.
    2. LRU is also short for least recently used, which is an Oracle algorithm that replaces the oldest data to make room for new data when out of memory.
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    What is the LRU?

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