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    Smart bike service for University Students and Faculty

    Project Domain / Category:
    Mobile Application (Android)

    In recent times, the use of service-based applications is attracting peoples due to their diverse use. In most of the Universities, students are residing in hostels and move from hostels to their departments frequently and need to travel a lot. To facilitate the students, the university can provide bike service on pay. Students who want to avail the service have to register to the service and will be given an RFID tag that will be used to lock/unlock and track as per requirements. The application will track the distance that student/employee travel during each visit.

    Functional Requirements:
    Application should have all intended features as given below.
    • Able to provide the registration, login/logout interface
    • Register the RDIF tag
    • Lock/Unlock the bike after user verification using RFID tag
    • RFID should be connected to the mobile application
    • Track users while they visit (find the total distance covered on a certain path)
    • Payment method should be added
    • Store information in database
    • There are some other requirements which student will extract from these requirements
    Important for Selecting Project: Those students who are eager to work, having the relevant skills (programming etc.) and can give proper time are to be given priority.
    GUID Designing: Android Studio
    Database: MySQl
    Name: Muhammad Ibrahim
    Email ID: [email protected]
    Skype ID: ibrahimmayar


    1. (How to connect the RFID reader to Mobile)

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