Quiz 1 — Math (No Calculator)

  • P=45,000−1,000

    People start to leave the stadium at the end of a football game. The number of people, PPP, that are left in the stadium mmm minutes after the end of the game is given by the equation above. How many people were present when the game ended but before people started to leave?
    Choose 1 answer:

    • 25,000 people
    • 35,000 people
    • 45,000 people
    • 55,000 people

  • If the equation \(y=\dfrac{1}{6} (x+12)\) were graphed in the \(xy-plane\), which of the following statements would be true of the graphed line?

    • It would be perpendicular to the graph of \(y=\dfrac{1}{6}x+3\).

    • It would be parallel to the graph of \(12y=2x+3\).

    • It would have the same slope as the graph of \(x+6y=18\).

    • It would have the same \(y\)‑intercept as the graph of \(y=\dfrac{1}{6}x+12\).

    • I would be guessing.

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