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    65516510-50e6-4fe6-bac8-11eb7e8aea91-image.png Video Presentation of Academic Research Paper
    For the presentation activity, students are required to record their video while presenting academic research paper slides, then put recorded video and slides in a zip file and upload it on VU-LMS. Therefore, each student is required to prepare PPTs of his/her academic research paper and then record his/her video while presenting the slides. Following are the guidelines in this regard:
    PPT Slides:

    1. Prepare presentation slides related to your academic research paper.
    2. There must not be more than 20 slides in your PPT file.
    3. First slide should contain student-ID, student-name, topic and course-name.
    4. Your presentation should describe the problem statement, methodology and conclusion.
    5. Save your presentation slides in .ppt or .pptx format.
      Video Recording:
    6. You have to formally present the slides with proper dress code and have to record the video of your presentation.
    7. You can use any video recording facility such as web cam, camera, mobile phone etc. for recording of your presentation (Download link of the tutorial “Tips for Recording Videos” is provided in the assignment package).
    8. The total time for recording should not exceed 10 minutes.
    9. After recording your video, you have to convert it in “.3gp” format using any video conversion tool to reduce the size of the video file. (Download link of the tutorial “Video Compression” is provided in the assignment package).
    10. After converting the video in .3gp format, review your file to verify that audio and video are playing properly.
    11. Install VLC media player to view your compressed video before uploading on VU-LMS. You can download VLC from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html.
    12. It is preferable to use English in your presentation in case of reluctance you can also use Urdu language.
    13. Note that you will record your presentation standing in front of camera.
    14. Students writing academic paper in group should submit presentation individually with their own video recording.
    15. Compress your video file and presentation file using any compression tool like WinZip or WinRAR.
    16. Upload the compressed file (.zip or .rar) on VU-LMS. Make sure that its size should not exceed 30 MB.

    Note: It is not required to show PPT slides in the recorded video.

    Tips for Recording Videos:
    http://vulms.vu.edu.pk/Courses/CS701/Downloads/Tips for Recording Videos.mp4

    Video Compression:
    http://vulms.vu.edu.pk/Courses/CS701/Downloads/Video Compression.mp4

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