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    IoT (Internet of Things) has opened up a world of possibilities in patient monitoring systems. The smart device like Pacemaker continuously monitors patient’s heart, generates electric pulses to prevent heart rate from going too slow and inform the physician about the health on real time basis. Hence smart devices can save lives in emergency cases as well.

    But what makes these devices “smart”, when they are having several barriers like limited memory, slow processing speed, connectivity issues and security concerns etc. Are they really smart enough?

    Being a Java developer what do you think, “Embedding Java programs in IoT devices, will make them smart or result in bad performance, for health care systems?”


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    Embedding Java programs in IoT devices could make them smart, could produce bad performance, could result in something smart and slow or stupid and fast, or any other combination. The two possibilities you ask about are not mutually exclusive.

    Java isn’t especially fast, but neither is it especially slow. I’ve written middleware networked code that handled continuous data acquisition running into the 100’s of thousands of samples a second. That was more than 15 years ago. While embedded devices are not general-purpose computers, I’d guess that newer ones probably compare at least somewhat favorably to the computers I was using back then.

    Smart depends more on the design and implementation of the code being used, not on the specific programming language. Performance can depend on the language to a degree (as I noted above, the hardware being used will also effect performance). If you need the ability to optimize the code down to the instruction level, Java is not an ideal choice, but that’s rarely necessary.

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