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    CS604 Quiz#2.
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  • While executing the statement c++/c-- in Producer-Consumer problem, at back end certain number of
    instructions are executed, if interleaving of statements happen, it create race condition. Tell number of
    instructions that require “no interleaving” while executing c++/c–?


  • Software solution to critical section problem can run only in environment ______________.

    Separate address spacing

    The software-based solution is 2 processes also they are not guaranteed to work on modern computers architecture. The critical section problem could be solved simply in a uniprocessor environment if we prevent interrupts from occurring from uniprocessor environment.

  • We can use semaphores to deal with the number of __________process critical section problem.

    n-process critical section problem

  • Using hardware solution to synchronization for complex problems, introduce a new synchronization tool know as _______________.

    1. TestAndSet
    2. Semaphore (Page 111)
    3. Swap
    4. Trap

  • The main memory is usually divided into partitions, one for __________ and other for __________.

    1. Operating System, User processes
    2. Operating system, CPU
    3. Processes, Virtual Memory
    4. Base Register, Limit Register

  • The integer value of ________semaphores can range over an unrestricted integer domain.

    Counting (Page 117)
    ►Bounded buffer

  • The integer value of _________ semaphores can not be greater than 1.
    Binary (Page 117)
    ►Bounded buffer

  • Secondary storage memory devices have ____ memory.
    Permanent and non volatile Click here for detail
    ►None of the

  • Object files and libraries are combined by a ------------- program to produce the executable binary
    ► Compiler
    ► Linker
    ► Text editor
    Loader Click here for detail

  • In Swapping technique of Memory Management, the total amount transfer time is directly proportional to the ___________.

    1. amount of memory swapped
    2. amount of space on backing store
    3. space on main memory
    4. all the given options are correct

  • In order to remove the problem like busy waiting, some high level synchronization constructs are defined. What
    are they?

    Critical regions and Monitors (Page 124)

  • In deadlock detection and recovery algorithm, a deadlock exists in the system if and only if the wait for graph
    contains a _____________

    Cycle (Page 147)
    ► Graph
    ► Edge
    ► Node

  • External Fragmentation takes place in ______________

    Select correct option:

    1. Multi programming with Variable Tasks (MVT)
    2. Multi programming with Fixed Tasks (MFT)
    3. Multi-tasking
    4. Paging

  • Each page is a power of -------- bytes long in paging scheme.
    ► 2
    ► 3
    4 (Page 167)
    ► 5

  • ----------holds the smallest legal physical memory address for a process CS604
    Which register holds the smallest legal physical memory address for a process?

    Base register (Page 13)
    ► Limit register
    ►Status register
    ►None of the given options

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