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    Google ranks sites
    That it thinks are the most valuable the most useful the most helpful pages when somebody does a search in Google so to get your site ranking in Google you need to be that best result you need to have the highest quality content the highest trust and authority as far as Google can measure it.
    One of the ways that you can rank higher is to create good quality unique content
    What this means is write articles around your products and what you do for example if you sell watches write articles about different brands of watches current watch tell style trends how watches work how to extend the life of your watch when to change the battery all the things about watches and the care of watches create a blog and write about timekeeping in general this kind of content demonstrates that you’re an authority in the space that you know what you’re talking about and that somebody is buying from a vendor who’s actually an expert on what it is they sell.
    Once you have the content on your site one of the most effective ways to target the specific keywords you want to rank for is to use something called your title tags now your title tags are words that appear when your website is open but not on the page it appears in the browser or the tab is the name of the window it’s.
    It doesn’t appear in your actual content but when Google comes by and crawls your site and your page actually ranks in search results your title tag is going to be the name of your link.
    This is one reason that the title tag actually has an effect on your rankings because Google knows that you’re unlikely to put something irrelevant into your title tags knowing that when it shows up in Google your title tag is going to be the name of your website.

    for example
    If going back to our watch cellar example if you were selling watches and your title tag was quality watches on sale and can then Google’s going to show that title when your page ranks and search results but at the same time using the words quality watches on sale in Canada will actually give you a boost in the rankings for those keywords.
    When somebody searches for quality watches on sale in Canada or some variation of that keyword having that keyword in your title tag will actually help you rank higher for that keyword in general try to keep make sure that your title tag is only about 60 to 70 characters long it’ll still count if your title tags longer than that but any of the words after that 60 to 70 characters won’t help you rank or won’t count and and may not show up in the search result either now a long long time ago back in the early 2000s there was a meta tag called the meta keywords tag and you might have heard of this some people are still using it today and they’re putting their keywords into this meta tag called the meta keywords tag now back 10 years ago that would give you a boost in the search results for the keywords that you put into this tag however it has absolutely no effect on your ranking whatsoever now.
    We would discourage you from using the meta keywords tag because the only thing it’s good for is when competitors come by and look at your site they can see what keywords you’re targeting it has absolutely no effect on your ranking at all there is something however called the Meta Description tag and this one’s a little different the Meta Description tag has absolutely no effect on ranking.
    Whats oever you can put as many keywords as you want in there as you like and it’s still not going to help you rank however what the Meta Description tag does is it affects the click-through rate from organic search results.

    for example
    If your Meta Description tag says all of our watches are 20% off this month coming by will ship to you for free within Canada then that result when it shows up in Google search results is going to get clicked on more than the website that says we have watches on sale.
    The Meta Description tag is really like sales copy that encourages people to come to your site instead of the ten competing links in Google search results remember that ranking is not the goal the goal is to get visitors to your website and actually buying your products.
    That Meta Description tag even though it doesn’t affect your ranking it’s really important for actually moving those those potential customers from the search results into your website.
    Once you have your content and you’ve got your title and you’ve got your Meta Description tag now comes the hard part this is the real sweat equity part this is the link building you have to build links to your website from relevant highly authoritative pages to again prove to Google that you are an authoritative trusted website.
    Building what links is where you’re going to spend 90% or more of your efforts in terms of getting rankings to your websites so think about how you can get links do you have vendors partners you have happy customers you can just ask to link back to your website are there industry associations that you belong to do you know bloggers who are talking about t-shirts or watches or stickers or whatever it is that you sell but are there people in that you know in this industry that you can get them to blog about you or to write about you or to link to you because the more people who know about the industry that you’re in that linked back to your website in general the more trusted Google’s going to believe your site is so most of your time is going to be spent on link building after we’ve got the content the title and the Meta Description tags if you want to learn more about how to do SEO for your website how Google ranks your site and what steps you need to take to actually get your site ranking a really good place to start is Google itself if you do a go into Google and you do a search for SEO starter guide Google actually has a nice little ebook that you can download that explains how they rank sites and how to get them ranked and how to get your site ranking in Google once you’ve read through this introduction then your next step would be to follow up talking to other people in terms of keeping up to date on on how to do see oh right now you can look at the Cyberian blog certainly the shop Asli.pk forums to ask other people how they’re doing SEO or you can look at the blog for information on the way people are doing SEO effectively right now

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