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    Genetic engineering is beneficial or detrimental to human health , Discuss it.

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    @zareen said in BT301 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion:

    Genetic engineering is beneficial or detrimental to human health , Discuss it.

    Definition : Any technique that uses living organisms to make or modify products, to improve plants and animals or to develop microorganisms for specific uses.

    Benefits: Biotechnology is a safe and beneficial technology that contributes to both environmental and economic sustainability. Biotechnology is behind blockbuster drugs for treating cancer and heart diseases and it’s being deployed in cutting edge research to Alzheimer’s and reverse aging .It may be the key to safely editing DNA for curing genetic diseases. Formers choose biotech crops because they increase yield and lower production costs. Agriculture biotechnology allows farmers to use less pesticide on their crops and helps reduce soil tailgate and fossil fuel use.

    Detrimental effects:

    One of the biggest problem that biotechnology faces is a lack of genetic diversity.

    It could ruin croplands.
    It turns human life into commodity.
    It can be used for destruction.
    Agriculture biotechnology has some of the potential risks on human health , environment. Risk of agriculture biotechnology on human health, Genetically modified food may produce new proteins and it may act as new allergen and can induce allergic reactions in humans.

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