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    ZOO731 – Advanced analytical techniques
    Assignment No. 2
    Fall 2019
    Due Date: Jan 27, 2020
    Audio Presentation
    “Please prepare audio ppts slides of the review article “Differential staining techniques, already submitted as Assignment No. 1’ through power point”
    General instructions
    • Total time of audio presentation should be 10 minutes.
    • Total ten slides should be prepared.
    • This assignment will be carrying 10 marks.
    • Ten slides (containing text) and recording on each slide “audio ppts file” should be uploaded on LMS not later than 27th Jan, 2020.

    Instructions for audio recording through power point.
    • Open power point
    • Create “new slide”
    • Go to “insert” in tool bar
    • Go to “Audio” option in media (extreme right option in power point tool bar)
    • Start recording on each slide

    This assignment will help you to develop presentation skills and strengthen you more to understand your already submitted review article.

  • Cyberian's Gold

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