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    Course Title Probability Distributions
    Course Code STA642
    Activity Assignment # 3
    Submission Deadline Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2020
    Time: 23:59 Hours (Midnight)

    Instructions to attempt assignment:
    • Take help from video lectures/PPTs/Recommended book
    • For writing symbols, use MathType software. If you already did not download it, get it from here.
    • Make your own attempt, any copy/past; cheating from other student/website may result in ZERO marks and/or assignment cancelation.

    Question # 1:
    Let the joint pdf of X1 and X2 be
    Find marginal probability density function of X1
    Find marginal probability density function of X2
    Show that X1 and X2 are dependent / independent.

    Question # 2:
    A certain Binomial distribution is given by b(x; 5, 1/3).
    What is the value of n?
    What is the value of p?
    What is the value of q?
    Find the binomial probability for X = 0

    -The END -

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